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Which is the second longest train in India?

Which is the second longest train in India?

Top train services which runs more than 2000 km

Sl no Distance (km) Train name
1 4282 Vivek Express
2 3932 Aronai Superfast Express
3 3927 Thiruvananthapuram–Silchar Superfast Express
4 3782 Himsagar Express

Which Indian state has longest railway track?

Uttar Pradesh
In India, the largest route kilometers are in Uttar Pradesh with 8726 kilometers. This comes out to be 13.6% of India’s total Route Kilometers.

Which is the longest platform in India?

Longest railway platforms

  • Hubli Junction railway station, Karnataka , India :1,505 m (4,938 ft)
  • Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India:1,366.33 m (4,483 ft)
  • Kollam Junction, Kerala, India:1,180.5 m (3,873 ft)
  • Kharagpur Junction, West Bengal, India: 1,072.5 m (3,519 ft)
  • Pilibhit Junction, Uttar Pradesh India 900 m (2,953 ft)

Which is the longest train route in world?

The Trans–Siberian Railway
The Trans–Siberian Railway which connects Moscow with the Russian far east is still the world’s longest direct rail route, running for 9,259 kilometers or 5,753 miles. The journey passes through the Ural Mountains, Siberia’s birch forests and Lake Baikal, taking six days according to The Telegraph.

Which state has no railway line in India?

There is no railway station in Meghalaya. For the state people, Guwahati is the nearest Railway station. It was recently declared by the CM of the state that the first railway station in Meghalaya at Mendipathar in the North Garo Hills would be inaugurated soon.

Which is the longest train in Indian Railways?

IR runs 12,617 passenger trains and 7,421 freight trains daily. Since Indian Railways operates many trains per day, it is difficult to include train services with less than 2000 km length into a table. Travels the longest non-stop run in Indian Railways by a non- Rajdhani Express train.

Which is the longest train service in the world?

The longest daytime journeys are taken by the Hamburg to Budapest service. Services to and from Russia and Ukraine (traditionally targeted at poorer demographics) resisted longer, but these, too, have been reduced and reinvented in recent years.

How many train stations are there in India?

We all use trains for our local or interstate trips, and you will be surprised to know that India is ranked one among countries with more than 5 Billion passengers per km. With over 7,500 stations in the country, India is also one of the world’s largest rail networks.

Which is the largest railway network in the world?

Indian Railways (IR) is one of the world’s largest railway networks comprising 115,000 km (71,000 mi) of track over a route of 67,312 km (41,826 mi) and 7,112 stations.

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