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How do I slow down my trolling outboard?

How do I slow down my trolling outboard?

6 Ways to Troll Slow with Your Boat

  1. Shut Down Your Boat’s Engine(s)
  2. Shifting Engines Out of Gear.
  3. Using Drift Socks and Trolling Bags.
  4. Benefits of an Auxiliary Outboard Engine.
  5. Using an Electric Motor.
  6. Outboard Engines with Troll Mode.

Does slow trolling hurt big engines?

Extended trolling at low speeds with this motor won’t hurt anything, other than maybe using a little more fuel than a small kicker would. If it was a 2 cycle motor with a Carburetor, then you waould have to worry about loading up after extended periods of idling. Keep trolling and don’t worry about it!

Can I troll with a 40 hp motor?

40 Yamaha yes. I troll quite effectively with my 60 Yamaha on a 16 Hewes and a couple of sea anchors for Springers and in estuaries. I like to troll slow for chinook and it gets down slow enough. Trolling for silvers I don’t use any sea anchors.

What speed do you troll for walleye?

What Speed Should You Troll For Walleye? It depends on the time of year and water temperatures. Trolling speed, in the spring, is best at 1.3 – 1.5 mph. Summer trolling speeds increase 1.5- 2 mph as walleyes are more active in warmer water temperatures.

Can you troll with a 25 hp motor?

I have a 25hp Merc on my 15′ Klamath with the standard 13″ pitch prop. I have a trolling plate, but I only use it on lakes. Never need it when there’s a current. Trolls just fine.

Can you troll with a 115 hp?

I would estimate a 115 would troll down in the 2.2-2.5 mph range depending on the size of the boat. Any lower and you will need to add drift socks, trolling plates, lower pitch prop, etc. The Yamaha should go down to 700-800 RPM’s depending on how it’s setup.

Can you troll with a 50 hp outboard?

I have a 50hp Merc 4 stroke on a 16 ft Lund. If one is going to troll at different times of the year, a motor in the range you have should be fine with a trolling plate. The trolling plate will drop your speed down far enough to troll for anything.

What is the best time of day to catch walleye?

The best times of day to fish for large walleye is around dawn and dusk. In particular, 30 minutes before and after sunset and sunrise are peak times. That said, walleye will continue to feed all night long. On cloudy or windy mornings, walleye may feed up to an hour and a half after sunrise.

Can you troll with a 20hp motor?

You can not have both. It is a compromise. It also depends on how many people and how much stuff are in the boat. The prop you have is 1 pitch less than the standard prop that normally comes with that motor.

Can you troll with a 2 stroke?

You should be just fine as long as it’s running good enough to idle slowly for you. If it doesn’t idle slow enough for you compaired to other boats around you then you can drag a sea anchor on one side to slow you down. Just make sure to get it out of the water before trying to land a fish..

What’s the troll control on a Mercury fourstroke?

Every 40-60hp SmartCraft-equipped FourStroke features Troll Control, which allows you to set your engine speed as low as 700 rpm for trolling or running through extended no-wake zones. All Mercury FourStroke engines are designed to run clean, helping to protect the environment for generations to come.

How to troll slow with an outboard engine?

6 Ways to Troll Slow with Your Boat 1 Shut Down Your Boat’s Engine (s) 2 Shifting Engines Out of Gear 3 Using Drift Socks and Trolling Bags 4 Benefits of an Auxiliary Outboard Engine 5 Using an Electric Motor 6 Outboard Engines with Troll Mode

What’s the problem with my 50hp Mercury?

Runs great at idle, starting, and up to now 8mph and thats it after 8mph it will go between that and 8.7 mph and just boggy no power and doesn’t go. Any ideas? I was just goint to bring it to the local shop for them to look at it, however they are 6 weeks out on service. Help needed here for I have the Pooh Bear Tourney on June 2nd.

What kind of engine do I need for Troll mode?

Outboard Engines with Troll Mode. Outboards from brands such as Evinrude, Honda, Mercury, Suzuki and Yamaha are available with a feature that lets you adjust the revolutions per minute at slow speeds in relatively small increments — down to 10 rpm at a time, up to 1,000 rpm, with the Mercury system, for example.

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