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What is instructional leaders development program?

What is instructional leaders development program?

The Instructional Leadership program is: A complete instructional reform model designed to develop instructional excellence at school sites by maintaining a relentless focus on what occurs inside the classroom each day.

What are the different functions of a curriculum leaders in instructional leadership?

Curriculum and Instruction By focusing on learning, teaching and monitoring progress, curriculum leaders help educators improve their instructional practices and ensure student achievement improves as a result of meaningful, supportive decisions about pedagogy, coursework, and instructional materials (King, 2002).

What is the role of school heads as instructional leader?

The principal’s role in instructional leadership has traditionally been thought of as communicating high expectations for teachers and students, supervising instruction, monitoring assessment and student progress, coordinating the school’s curriculum, promoting a climate for learning and creating a supportive work …

What are the advantages of instructional leadership?

An instructional leader develops and communicates a vision and goals for his/her school, which sets high standards for student achievement. encouraging them to improve their teaching practice continuously, principals who are also instructional leaders positively affect student learning.

What are the pitfalls drawbacks of an instructional educational leader?

4 Pitfalls That Education Leaders Should Avoid

  • Ignoring or overlooking potential problems. You would think that education leaders would be some of the most proactive people on earth, but unfortunately, many are not.
  • Becoming complacent.
  • Being resistant to change.
  • Not developing talent.

What is instructional leadership and why is it so important?

Instructional leadership is a critical aspect of school leadership. The work of instructional leaders is to ensure that every student receives the highest quality instruction each day. Doing so requires that instructional leaders lead for the improvement of the quality of teaching and for the improvement of student learning.

What are the characteristics of an instructional leader?

Good instructional leadership ensures that educational programs make the desired impact. An effective leader inspires action and takes an optimistic view of the future. She also sets a good example by being honest, having integrity and treating people fairly.

What does instructional leadership mean?

Instructional leadership. Instructional leadership is generally defined as the management of curriculum and instruction by a school principal. This term appeared as a result of research associated with the effective school movement of the 1980s, which revealed that the key to running successful schools lies in the principals’ role.

What’s an instructional leader?

An instructional leader advocates for effective teaching by providing clarity and support for teachers as well as procuring the necessary resources to maximize teaching effectiveness. Some specific skills related to instructional leadership include:

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