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Who owns Bluepoint capital?

Who owns Bluepoint capital?

The Blue Point partner group, consisting of Chip Chaikin, John LeMay, Juli Marley, Mark Morris and Sean Ward, have been investing together for more than 19 years.

Who is Blue Point Capital?

Blue Point Capital Partners is a private equity firm managing over $1.5 billion in committed capital. The Blue Point partner group has a 21-year track record of partnering with lower middle-market businesses to build processes and capabilities to achieve dramatic growth.

Who owns Northleaf Capital Partners?

TD Bank Financial Group
Founded as TD Capital, a subsidiary of TD Bank Financial Group, Northleaf transitioned to a management-owned firm in 2009 and now has US$17 billion of private equity, private credit and infrastructure commitments under management.

What is Blue Point oysters?

Blue Points have been a fixture on oyster menus since the early 1800s when wild oysters were harvested in Long Island’s Great South Bay near the town of Blue Point, NY. These bottom-planted, Long Island Sound oysters are harvested from the famous oyster beds of Norwalk and Westport, Connecticut.

Who owns perimeter brands?

June 16 (Reuters) – EverArc, a London-listed acquisition vehicle, has agreed to buy U.S.-based firefighting products maker Perimeter Solutions as part of a reverse takeover valued at $2 billion, it said on Wednesday.

What is a CID investment?

CID Capital is a private equity group that makes control investments in high-quality, lower-middle-market companies that have shown a consistent track record of success.

What is a silent partnership?

A silent partner is an individual whose involvement in a partnership is limited to providing capital to the business. A silent partner is seldom involved in the partnership’s daily operations and does not generally participate in management meetings.

What does Blue Point Capital Partners stand for?

Blue Point maintains a strong conviction that investments forged from relationships developed through regional proximity can be a key to success in the lower middle-market. We apply this regional orientation across our sectors of expertise in consumer and value-added distribution, business services and manufacturing.

Why is blue point more than a private equity firm?

Blue Point is more than a private equity firm. We use the word Partners in our name for a reason. We form a strong connection with the managers and entrepreneurs that we partner with, and leverage our unique capabilities and experience to help businesses grow.

Where can I find a Blue Point office?

With U.S. offices in the Midwest, Southeast and West Coast, our geographical footprint and extensive network help us work more closely with our portfolio companies. Nearly half of the BPCP II portfolio is within driving distance of a Blue Point office.

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