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What are the future risks of smoking?

What are the future risks of smoking?

Smoking damages your heart and your blood circulation, increasing your risk of developing conditions such as:

  • coronary heart disease.
  • heart attack.
  • stroke.
  • peripheral vascular disease (damaged blood vessels)
  • cerebrovascular disease (damaged arteries that supply blood to your brain)

How does smoking affect the environment?

Cigarette butts cause pollution by being carried, as runoff, to drains and from there to rivers, beaches and oceans. Preliminary studies show that organic compounds (such as nicotine, pesticide residues and metal) seep from cigarette butts into aquatic ecosystems, becoming acutely toxic to fish and microorganisms.

Why smoking is bad for you Wikipedia?

Smoking generally has negative health effects, because smoke inhalation inherently poses challenges to various physiologic processes such as respiration. Smoking tobacco is among the leading causes of many diseases such as lung cancer, heart attack, COPD, erectile dysfunction, and birth defects.

How much can smoking shorten your life?

Cigarette smoking causes premature death: Life expectancy for smokers is at least 10 years shorter than for nonsmokers. Quitting smoking before the age of 40 reduces the risk of dying from smoking-related disease by about 90%.

Are there any health risks associated with smoking?

There are many risks to the unborn child associated with smoking and pregnancy. Smoking reduces both men’s and women’s fertility. Secondhand smoke also effects fertility. Problems with getting and maintaining an erection. Women who smoke are more likely to have painful and irregular periods and have earlier menopause.

Is it bad to smoke one cigarette a day?

Even if you only smoke one cigarette a day it can have serious health consequences. Recent research has found that smoking just one cigarette a day has nearly half the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke compared to a 20-cigs-a-day smoker.

What are the health effects of secondhand smoke?

Secondhand smoke causes stroke, lung cancer, and coronary heart disease in adults. Children who are exposed to secondhand smoke are at increased risk for sudden infant death syndrome, acute respiratory infections, middle ear disease, more severe asthma, respiratory symptoms, and slowed lung growth.

What are the health effects of quitting smoking?

Quitting and Reduced Risks Quitting smoking cuts cardiovascular risks. Within 2 to 5 years after quitting smoking, your risk for stroke may reduce to about that of a nonsmoker’s.2 If you quit smoking, your risks for cancers of the mouth, throat, esophagus, and bladder drop by half within 5 years.2

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