How much would a meteorite ring cost?

How much would a meteorite ring cost?

Even though a meteorite inlay ring has a higher market value than gold the average price of a beautiful meteorite ring is about $500-600 although some are as high as $2,000 and more.

Do meteorite rings last?

The main downside to a meteorite engagement ring is its ability to rust, but with proper maintenance, it will last a lifetime.

How sturdy are meteorite rings?

These wedding rings are usually very durable, which means that they can stand the wear and tear of daily use. Meteorite rings tend to be rust-resistant naturally, so wearers do not have to worry about taking the rings off when they wash their hands.

Are meteorite rings actually meteorite?

Many customers come to us very excited that we can hand make a completely custom piece with a variety of materials in a ring, especially meteorite. Meteorite is rare and can be difficult to find in custom jewelry pieces. The ring was not only cheaply made, but it was clearly not real meteorite.

Can you shower with a meteorite ring?

Over time, the pattern on your meteorite ring might fade. Go ahead and wash your hands, shower in it, do what you normally would do with a ring. But like precious metal jewelry, don’t expose it to chlorine in your pool or hot tub. And keep it away from salt water or other harsh chemicals or prolonged moisture.

Can you get a meteorite ring wet?

We often have clients ask about coating meteorite jewelry with some type of clear, protective layer. Because of that, it’s possible for moisture to enter in a spot where the coating has worn off, but then become trapped.

Can I get my meteorite ring wet?

Meteorite is an extraordinary option for jewelry and very durable, but it is an iron based material and has the potential to rust. Extra care must be taken to limit the meteorite’s exposure to water and do not expose it to chemicals (chlorine, bleach, swimming pools, etc.) especially anything with an acid in it.

How do you maintain a meteorite?

To protect your meteorites you should do the following:

  1. Keep your meteorites dry–that means keep them in dry air.
  2. Keep your meteorites at a constant temperature.
  3. Use cleaning and coatings, as appropriate, to protect your specimens.

Can you cut a meteorite ring?

Step 2: Cutting the Proper Size Piece. This piece of meteorite made mostly out of iron. And it’s much harder than I thought it’s would be. I used my jewelry saw to cut out the proper size piece for the ring. Next time I would use a hack saw or an angle grinder with a cutting disk.

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