How do I fix a fuser error on my printer?

How do I fix a fuser error on my printer?

Simple Steps to Correct 50.2 Fuser Error on HP LaserJet Printers

  1. Turn your printer off and unplug it.
  2. Remove the fuser and reinstall.
  3. Gently rock the fuser back and forth to make sure is secure.
  4. Plug the printer directly into a wall socket.
  5. Turn the printer back on.

What is fuser error?

A Service Fuser message means that the printer has detected some sort of problem with the fuser unit installed on this printer. The fuser unit is the part of the printer that heats up to fuse the toner onto the page. If the fuser error returns, you can try reinstalling the fuser unit.

How do I fix 50.1 fuser error?

For a temporary fix, you can try turning your printer off and back on again. Sometimes the reboot will allow the fuser to reset itself and you can print a few more pages. If the 50.1 Fuser error message returns, it’s time to replace your fuser.

What happens when printer fuser goes bad?

Fuser error 50.3 signals that your HP printer is overheating. Your fuser may overheat due to the type of paper you use. If you use thick paper for a prolonged printing session, overheating is likely to occur. If your printer’s fuser runs at a higher temperature for a prolonged period, it may overheat.

How long should a fuser last?

The fuser is a part of laser printers that bonds the toner and paper together using heat and pressure. Fusers need to be replaced every 75,000 – 300,000 pages depending on the printer model.

How do you fix a 50.3 fuser?

How to Fix hp printer fuser error 50.3 in a few minutes

  1. Step 1: Firstly, switch off the machine.
  2. Step 2: Ensure proper ventilation.
  3. Step 3: Check the power cable.
  4. Step 4: Check the fuser.
  5. Step 5: Check the fuser settings.
  6. If nothing has fixed the printer till now, it is time to change the fuser.

What does 50.2 fuser error mean?

Slow Fuser
The 50.2 fuser error message is a “Slow Fuser” error, which is a time-out error where the fuser is not warming up fast enough. If the 50.2 Slow Fuser error message returns, it’s time to replace your fuser.

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