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What weapons can adept use Mass Effect 2?

What weapons can adept use Mass Effect 2?

Heavy pistols are the standard sidearm for all classes and for the Adept provide a good close to mid-range weapon. Of the two pistols, the M-3 Predator and the M-6 Carnifex, both are good side arms for the Adept. The Predator is better at range, does less damage, but has less recoil.

Can adepts only use pistols?

In combat, Adepts use their biotic talents to make up for the fact that Adepts can only use pistols. The Adept’s main role is to provide crowd control and support to other squad members.

Can I use any weapon in ME2?

You will not get Weapon Bonuses for any weapons you use out of your class. Earlier you could use other weapons but they were completely useless as their targeting was way off and you couldn’t train with them. You will only be able to specialize in a specific weapon in ME2.

Is Shepard the strongest biotic?

Shepard is a Powerful Biotic Jack’s powers are purely restricted to cut scenes, and we all know cut scene magic doesn’t count. Once you have Jack in your party, it is very, very disappointing just how weak she actually is as a biotic. *For this reason, Shepard is easily the most powerful human biotic there ever was.

What are the powers of the adept in Mass Effect 2?

The Mass Effect 2 version of the Adept is more streamlined than the Mass Effect version of the Adept. It still has the same crowd control ability, but that ability is now condensed into two powers: Singularity and Pull.

What kind of rifle do Adepts use in Mass Effect?

Ultimately, the Adept is a spell-slinging mage-like class, and they don’t have the strength to survive too long at close range. While some Shotguns do have the range, generally speaking they’re not a great pick for this class. Sniper Rifles don’t fit very well with the spell-slinging nature of Adepts – so by default, it’s Assault Rifles.

Which is the best class to train for in Mass Effect 2?

Sentinel – Shotgun or Assault Rifle Training: Your choice here will depend on exactly how you play the Sentinel, but the idea is the same: the Sentinel’s tech armor makes it one of the most survivable classes in ME2, but its lack of up-close weapon options means that while it can duke with the best of them at close range, you rarely do.

Which is the best sniper rifle in Mass Effect 2?

Infiltrator – Sniper Rifle Advanced Weapon Training: While the Infiltrator already specializes in Sniper Rifles, choosing to eschew that obviously very tempting shotgun or assault rifle training will get you the Widow Anti-Material Rifle, which just happens to be the best and most powerful Sniper Rifle in all of Mass Effect 2.

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