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How do you get high tech industry in SimCity?

How do you get high tech industry in SimCity?

You need a good education system and high wealth sims to get demand for high tech. Once you have the demand, you need to set aside specific zones. High tech doesn’t like pollution, so you’ll need to zone away from your existing industrial center (if your city has one).

How do you get high wealth residential in SimCity 4?

The only way to attract high wealth residents is by building their park type close by. Click the Parks tab, click the Plaza ($$$) or Formal ($$$) tab, click the Land Value Map and then start placing high wealth parks and you will see the dark green start appearing on the map.

Does industry need water SimCity 4?

Types of Industry They need cheap land and power to develop, but water is not necessary for them to develop.

How do you get rich people in SimCity?

Some of city building have positive influence on land value – it is sufficient to get into medium wealth. If you want expand are taken by mid wealth land you need to use $$ parks (only $$). If you want to have high wealth land you have to use $$$ parks (only $$$).

How do you get rid of water pollution in SimCity 4?

Building your water pumps away from polluted areas decreases the chance you will need a water treatment plant. However, a water treatment plant can help lower water pollution. Putting many parks in your city helps encourage growth in the surrounding areas by increasing land value.

How do I get high tech industries in SimCity 4?

1: Add parks, trees or other public recreation lots to your Industrial zones. Reward buildings and landmarks can help too. Placing these will increase land value and demand for the lots surrounding them. High Tech industries can afford to pay the increased lot prices, while the dirty industry is forced to move out.

Which is the best version of SimCity 4?

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition includes the bestselling SimCity 4 and the all-new SimCity 4 Rush Hour Expansion Pack. Create the most massive region of cities ever, with a farming town, bedroom community, high-tech commercial center, and industrial backbone.

How to improve the environment in SimCity 4?

As for your environment, planting trees and placing parks are the most effective ways to raise your air and water quality (of course, don’t forget water treatment plants as well, heh). You may consider putting a green belt of trees around your Industrial zones as a pollution buffer.

What are the new sets in SimCity 4?

• New Building Set Options — Lay out your metropolis based on an all-new Modern European building set, or use the original SimCity 4 sets: 1890’s Chicago, 1940’s New York, and 1990’s Houston. • New Tutorials and Difficulty Levels — Getting started has never been easier, faster, or more fun thanks to four new tutorials.

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