Is Jessi Colter still recording?

Is Jessi Colter still recording?

Five years later, Colter signed with Capitol Records and released her first solo single, “I’m Not Lisa”, which topped the country charts and reached the top five on the pop charts….

Jessi Colter
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter
Instruments Vocals piano
Years active 1970–present

What song did Jessi Colter sing with Waylon Jennings?

Released as a single 38 years ago today, Jennings and Colter performed “Storms Never Last” together for a duets LP called Leather and Lace.

Who sang Not Lisa?

Jessi Colter
I’m Not Lisa/Artists

What is the story behind the song I’m not Lisa?

“I’m Not Lisa” was written by Colter and describes the pain that comes with dating someone who has not gotten over a previous lover. The previous lover, named Lisa, was taken away by “His hand”, which implies that she died or left with another man.

How long were Waylon and Jessi married?

But Colter and Jennings weren’t just collaborators. The two outlaw royals were married, and had been for six years when Wanted! was released. Jennings and Colter worked together on many other occasions throughout the years.

Did Jessie Colter remarry after Waylon died?

Did Jessi Colter remarry after Waylon died? On the personal side, Jessi was married to Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Duane Eddy, divorcing in 1968. She met and married Waylon in 1969 and remained married until Waylon’s death in 2002.

Why did will harness go to jail?

Harness was incarcerated on drug-related charges in 2011. In 2013 he appeared on Yelawolf’s mixtape Wyte Dawg and released his nine-track album I Am Struggle. After being released from prison in 2016, Harness released Return of the Outlaw EP via Slumerican.

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As of December 2011, just two of the five original members are still alive: Steve Trott and Steve Butts.

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