What happened in chapter 11 of the hiding place?

What happened in chapter 11 of the hiding place?

Chapter 11: The Lieutenant Corrie attends her first hearing. Lieutenant Rahms treats her kindly and offers her a chair and warming fire but then says that she must confess everything. When Corrie defends her treatment of the disabled, he dismisses her. The next day, Rahms returns, and he and Corrie sit outdoors.

What happened in chapter 2 of the hiding place?

In chapter two, Corrie flashes back to her childhood. In 1898, she was six years old, and living with her older sisters in the Beje. Betsie, the eldest, already suffers from anemia. The family lives a simple life, preferring to help others, though the watch shop makes little money.

What is the summary of the hiding place?

The Hiding Place is an autobiographical memoir by Corrie ten Boom, a devoutly religious woman who lived in the Holland city of Haarlem during the Nazi occupation. Compelled by her unshakeable Christian morality, she defied tyranny to rescue her Jewish neighbors who faced annihilation during the Holocaust.

What happens in chapter 14 of the hiding place?

Chapter 14 Summary and Analysis Mien, the same women who smuggled to vitamin pills to Corrie, tells her how to get into the hospital to visit Betsie. She finally gets up the courage to sneak into the bathroom at the back of the facility. She is appalled, however, to find it filthy and stacked with dead bodies.

What was corries vision in the hiding place?

Betsie’s vision about a place where war victims can come to be healed is actually fulfilled threefold.

What happened to Betsie in the hiding place?

Betsie dies of malnutrition at Ravensbruck, but when Corrie sees her body, she finds that her face seems restored to its previous youth and health; she interprets this as a sign of Betsie’s moral rectitude and closeness to the divine.

What does the blue sweater symbolize in the hiding place?

The light blue sweater Nollie sends Corrie symbolizes hope. 3.) The words Corrie rights on her prison wall after learning about Father’s death – Father.

What happened to Jop in the hiding place?

Because German troops often seize young men in the streets and send them to work in German factories, the trip to and from work has become too dangerous. Jop begins to work with Corrie as a runner; one night, while delivering news of an imminent Gestapo raid to another safe house, Jop is caught and imprisoned.

What happens in Chapter 11 of the hiding place?

Corrie structures the chapter into the four-day hearing and a visit with her family that the lieutenant arranges. Her tone remains more positive, especially because Rahms treats Corrie humanely. In the previous months, Corrie misses human interaction and yearns to see faces of people.

Who are the characters in the hiding place?

The Hiding Place Summary. The three family members who live in the tiny house, father ten Boom and his daughters Betsie and Corrie, prepare for the busy day after sharing breakfast and devotions with their three employees, Hans the apprentice, Toos the bookkeeper and Christoffels the repairman.

What happens in the last hut in the hiding place?

On a chill day in May, after three months in prison, Corrie is marched outside to her hearing. Upon seeing that the last hut has dried up tulips beside it, Corrie prays to get Hut Four for her trial. As she walks into this hut, she prays for guidance, adding that Christ also went on trial.

Why did Corrie write the book The Hiding Place?

Corrie replies that the book tells of light coming into a dark world, provide a means to escape darkness. When she asks him if there is darkness in his life, he replies that she cannot understand anything about darkness. He cannot bear his work in the prison and he fears for the lives of his wife and children in Germany.

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