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Where is the best graffiti in Melbourne?

Where is the best graffiti in Melbourne?

Where To Find Melbourne’s Best Street Art

  • Johnston Street. Fitzroy.
  • Rose Street. Fitzroy.
  • Cubitt Street. Cremorne.
  • Easey’s. Collingwood.
  • Hosier Lane. CBD.
  • Caledonian Lane. CBD.
  • Duckboard Place. CBD.
  • Union Lane. CBD.

Is graffiti legal in Melbourne?

Graffiti is illegal everywhere in Australia, including in the City of Melbourne, and we are committed to removing graffiti from public and private property across the municipality.

Where can I see graffiti in Melbourne?

Melbourne street art hit list

  • Hosier Lane. Opposite Federation Square and joining Flinders Lane with Flinders Street, the cobblestoned Hosier Lane is arguably the central point of the city’s street art scene.
  • Centre Place.
  • AC/DC Lane.
  • Keith Haring mural.
  • Caledonian Lane.
  • Croft Alley.
  • Duckboard Place.
  • Rankins Lane.

Are graffiti art?

Graffiti, also known as street art, defines paintings or words written on public places. Some call this form of expression vandalism while others identify it as a form of art. According to the law, graffiti is vandalism. To scribble on another individual’s property without their consent is illegal in the United States.

Where are the graffiti laneways in Melbourne Australia?

Melbourne Graffiti Laneways. 1. Caledonian Lane. This little (and we mean little) laneway is just 4m wide and runs between Little Bourke and Lonsdale Street. On Caledonian Lane, history was born.

Which is the best laneway for street art in Melbourne?

Well Caledonian Lane is the birthplace of this internationally acclaimed music fest and was once home to one of our favourite laneway drinking holes, notably – ‘St Jeromes.’ Although the graffiti art along Caledonian Lane may not be as bold and substantial as Hosier and DeGraves, you will catch the odd masterpiece here and there. Why we love it?

Where are the street art murals in Melbourne?

A unique addition to the laneways of Melbourne can be found here with the ANZAC Centenary Street Art Mural. Brought to life by mosaic artist Sankar Nadseon it was started in 2014 to honour Australian service men and women on the anniversary of the start of World War I.

Where are the best laneways to walk in Melbourne?

Walking straight up will take you to Bourke Street one of the busiest shopping streets in Melbourne. At the top of Union Lane turn right at Bourke Street. Then left along Swanston Street and right on Little Bourke Street. Tattershall Lane will soon be on the left and it’s such a fun spot to stumble upon.

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