What reading level is a mango-shaped space?

What reading level is a mango-shaped space?

A Mango-Shaped Space

Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 3 – 8 58208

How old should you be to read a mango-shaped space?

The book is recommended for grades 5-8. A 7-hour long audiobook version, narrated by Danielle Ferland, has been produced. The plot focuses on Mia Winchell, a thirteen-year-old girl living with synesthesia, a jumbling of the senses. Words and sounds appear to have color for Mia.

How many AR points is a mango-shaped space?


ATOS Book Level: 4.7
Interest Level: Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points: 9.0
Word Count: 58208

What type of book is a mango-shaped space?

Young adult fiction
A Mango-Shaped Space/Genres

What is Mia’s condition in a mango shaped space?

Mia Winchell has synesthesia, the mingling of perceptions whereby a person can see sounds, smell colors, or taste shapes. Forced to reveal her condition, she must look to herself to develop an understanding and appreciation of her gift in this coming-of-age novel.

Who are the main characters in a mango shaped space?

Billy Henkle
Jenna DavisMia WinchellDr. RandolphAdam
A Mango-Shaped Space/Characters

Why did Mia name Mango Mango?

He was hanging out at her grandpa’s grave the day of the funeral. Mia had to beg her parents to let her keep the stray cat, but finally they agreed. It turns out Mango has a rip in his lung that makes him wheeze all the time. His wheezing looks orange and yellow to Mia, which is why she named him Mango.

What does PIC stand for in a mango-shaped space?

Young Adult Literature. As is often the case in young adult lit, A Mango-Shaped Space talks about what it’s like to be a teenager from the perspective of a teen. To this end, Mia is misunderstood by everyone around her, she pulls pranks on people (a.k.a. PIC missions), and she keeps secrets from adults.

What condition does Mia have in a mango shaped space?

Thirteen-year-old Mia Winchell has a secret: sounds, numbers, and words appear to her in color. Mia has synesthesia, the mingling of perceptions whereby a person sees sounds or tastes shapes. This coming-of-age novel chronicles Mia’s developing appreciation for her gift.

Is a mango-shaped space accurate?

As both a synesthete and an academic researcher of synesthesia myself, I strongly applaud Wendy Mass’s book A Mango-Shaped Space. The end result is that Mass’s character Mia Winchell is a very accurate depiction of a teenage multiple synesthete.

What is Mia’s favorite class in a mango-shaped space?

Her last class of the day is art, which is Mia’s favorite. There’s a new teacher this year named Mrs. Simpson. She encourages the class to look through the art book and find a style they want to emulate—that way, they can get a sense of their own style.

Why does Jenna cry when Mia finally tells her what is going on?

She’s failed two math quizzes. What is Jenna’s reaction when Mia finally tells her about the colors? She is angry that Mia kept it a secret.

Is the Mango Shaped Space by Wendy Mass a good book?

Well, another great Wendy Mass book is completed. She does such a great job of explaining synesthesia and my dyslexic daughter really loved connecting to a character that was unique like she is. It’s impossible not to fall in love with Mango.

Is there a Mango Shaped Space on Amazon?

Amazon Business: Make the most of your Amazon Business account with exclusive tools and savings. Login now Start reading A Mango-Shaped Space on your Kindle in under a minute . Don’t have a Kindle?

Who is the girl in a Mango Shaped Space?

Mia, the girl in this book has a sort of synesthesia I don’t have; associating words and letters with colours, or seeing shapes and colours in the air. She’s freaked out by it. I don’t remember being freaked out by my synesthesia other than wondering why pianos don’t have red keys.

What was Mia Winchell’s secret in a Mango Shaped Space?

But when trouble at school finally forces Mia to reveal her secret, she must learn to accept herself and embrace her ability, called synesthesia, a mingling of the senses. Mia Winchell appears to be a typical kid, but she’s keeping a big secret—sounds, numbers, and words have color for her.

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