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What are Marvel variant covers?

What are Marvel variant covers?

A variant cover (also referred to as a variant edition) refers to a comic book issue with multiple different covers produced. Sometimes these are just a different artists version of the cover or contain a different art style. For a full collection of currently added variant covers go here.

What does the X in X-Men stand for?

The in Mutant X Though it is widely attributed to Professor Xavier’s name, The ‘X’ in X-Men originally stood for the mutants’ X-tra special powers, and later for the unique “X factor” in their DNA that gave them their unique abilities.

Who were the first X-Men?

The “all-new, all-different X-Men” were led by Cyclops, from the original team, and consisted of the newly created Colossus (from the Soviet Union/Russia), Nightcrawler (from West Germany/Germany), Storm (from Kenya), and Thunderbird (a Native American of Apache descent), and three previously introduced characters: …

What was the first variant cover?

The Man of Steel
The first comic book marketed with a variant cover was the 1986 first issue of The Man of Steel, which featured two different covers by writer/artist John Byrne.

Are variant covers more valuable?

Generally these books are sold for their cover price and are relatively easy to come by. Because some stores will order more books than they need in order to nab a few extra variants, it’s common to find chase variants sold for a lot more than their cover price so the store can recoup its losses.

How do I get variant covers?

Cover variants are found at your local comic shop and online retailers. Your LCS will give you the cheapest prices as you’ll have to pay shipping if you buy it anywhere online. Also, the key to getting the Cover Variant you want is by requesting it from your shop a month (or more) in advance.

Why is Xmen not in Avengers?

In many ways, the losses of putting the X-Men in the MCU are a microcosm of what is wrong with a potential Disney/Fox merger. As the resources of Hollywood studios consolidate, the chance for competition in the market drastically shrinks.

Are variant covers worth anything?

Anything less is a great buy. If it’s 1:100, expect it to be about $100. This isn’t an exact science but should give you a baseline for price expectations. Less in demand comics can sell for significantly less, where in-demand variants can sell for significantly more.

Why are variant covers so rare to buy?

Now that there is a collector’s market, the value of the rarer higher cover-priced variants have started to reflect that rarity.

Are there any variants of the US cover?

Yes, technically those are variants and to be fair the UK pence issues are rarer than their ‘standard’ US counterparts, but for the purposes of this article we’re looking at variations to the US covers that were still intended for consumption in the US market.

Are there any variant covers for Star Wars?

If you don’t know what that grading number means, check out my NTC article on comic grading). Variant Covers : A Golden Records FF #1 (note the lack of issue number and cover price), a Whitman logo Batman and the Star Wars #1 35c variant. As well as these cents price variants, another style of variant cover appeared in the late 1970s.

What does variant cover stand for in comics?

An examination of the history of variant covers needs to be split in to two eras, which I shall arbitrarily call F.N and P.G. (standing for ‘From Necessity’ and ‘Post Greed’). What I’m not going to include as ‘variant covers’ are the UK or ‘pence issues’, or any other repriced cover for a non-US market.

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