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Is intussusception an emergency in adults?

Is intussusception an emergency in adults?

Adult bowel intussusception is a rare and challenging condition. Preoperative diagnosis is often missed or delayed because of non-specific symptoms. Intussusception is a surgical emergency, and delays in treatment can lead to high mortality.

Can adult intussusception fix itself?

Intussusception in adults can be further classified according to the presence of a lead point or not[19]: transient non-obstructing intussusception without a lead point has been described in patients with celiac[20] or Crohn’s[21] disease, but is more frequently idiopathic and resolves spontaneously without any …

When should you suspect intussusception?

Call your doctor or get emergency medical help right away if your child has any symptoms of intussusception, such as: repeated crampy belly pain. vomiting. drowsiness.

Why do adults get intussusception?

In adults, intussusception is usually the result of a medical condition or procedure, including: A polyp or tumor. Scar-like tissue in the intestine (adhesions) Weight-loss surgery (gastric bypass) or other surgery on the intestinal tract.

Can intussusception be intermittent?

The first sign of intussusception is very often sudden, loud crying caused by abdominal pain. The pain is colicky and not continuous (intermittent), but it comes back often. The pain will get stronger and last longer each time it returns. An infant with severe abdominal pain may draw the knees to the chest while crying.

What is intussusception in adults?

Intussusception is a rare form of bowel obstruction in adults, which is defined as the telescoping of a proximal segment of the gastrointestinal tract, into the lumen of the adjacent distal segment [3].

What causes intussusception in children?

Causes of intussusception are not clearly established or understood. About 90% of cases of intussusception in children arise from an unknown cause. They can include infections, anatomical factors, and altered motility.

What is intussusception surgery?

Intussusception surgery is an abdominal surgical procedure performed to correct intussusception, where a segment of bowel telescopes in on itself and causes an obstruction. This procedure can be performed by a general surgeon or a specialist in gastroenterology , and it is done while the patient is under general anesthesia.

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