What states are Job Corps in?

What states are Job Corps in?

The San Francisco Regional Office of Job Corps oversees Job Corp centers in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

What is the Best Job Corps center to go to?

The staff and students of the Muhlenberg Job Corps Center are extremely proud to announce that as of April 2015, the Center is now ranked #27, out of 126 Job Corps centers in the nation! The center’s overall ranking has continuously improved over the last several months. This is the best the center has ever performed!

Is Job Corps still open?

Nearly 90 percent of the Job Corps centers in the U.S. have resumed on-campus operations. Centers continue to operate at less than full occupancy to ensure coronavirus protections are in place, such as social distancing.

How long does it take to get accepted into Job Corps?

between 3 and 5 months
The Job Corps application process typically takes between 3 and 5 months. As enrollment resumes, potential students may experience a longer wait based on open slots at their respective centers.

Can you have your phone in Job Corps?

Can I bring my cell phone with me? Every center has their own rules about what devices are and are not allowed, and most centers that allow cell phones restrict their use to designated areas. Check with your admissions counselor to learn the cell phone policy at your center.

Does Job Corp pay?

Do I get paid while I am at Job Corps? Throughout your training, you will receive a bi-weekly basic living allowance. As your training progresses, your living allowance will increase. This allowance is based on your academic and career technical training achievement while in Job Corps.

Are cell phones allowed at Job Corps?

How much do Job Corps pay?

How much does Job Corps pay? The average Job Corps salary ranges from approximately $48,043 per year for a Supervisor to $111,268 per year for a Director. The average Job Corps hourly pay ranges from approximately $18 per hour for a Security Officer to $25 per hour for an Admissions Counselor.

How much do you get paid in Job Corps?

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