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What is spiral homework?

What is spiral homework?

Early on in my teaching career, I began to hear about spiral math homework. Math concepts spiraled through the homework that was given each day, week, month, hence the name spiral math homework.

What is spiral method of teaching?

Spiral learning is a teaching method based on the premise that a student learns more about a subject each time the topic is reviewed or encountered. The idea is that each time a student encounters the topic, the student expands their knowledge or improves their skill level.

Is Spiral free?

Spiral is a suite of free EdTech apps for teachers that make 1:1 classrooms more collaborative. Easy to learn and simple to use, Spiral makes lessons engaging, collaborative and fun. Quickfire enhances question and answer activities, enabling you to get the responses of the entire class in real-time.

What does spiral math mean?

WHAT does it mean to Spiral the Math Curriculum? In a nutshell, to spiral the Ontario Math Curriculum simply means that you are continually reviewing previously taught material versus teaching one unit at a time.

What are the three steps of spiral teaching?

The spiral teaches life sciences, chemistry, physics all in one year, then two subjects, then one, then all three again to understand how they mold together.

Which is an example of spiral curriculum?

Reading. After students are taught to read, they are then asked to read to learn new things. This is an example of spiral curriculum in reading: learning to read evolving into reading to learn. For example, students learn to identify a sequence of events when they are learning how to read.

What is the effect of a spiral curriculum?

The benefits ascribed to the spiral curriculum by its advocates are: (1) The information is reinforced and solidified each time the student revisits the subject matter; (2) The spiral curriculum also allows a logical progression from simplistic ideas to complicated ideas; and (3) Students are encouraged to apply the …

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