Who is eligible for indemnity in Bahrain?

Who is eligible for indemnity in Bahrain?

As per Article 27 of the Labour Market Regulatory Law, expatriates are entitled to a travel ticket back to their home country if they do not start working with another employer in Bahrain. Expatriates who do not benefit from social insurance under the Social Insurance Law are entitled to an end of service indemnity.

How do you calculate indemnity?

Most employers will calculate your indemnity benefits based on your average weekly wage (AWW). Although percentages may vary, the common calculations are as follows: 66 percent of your gross AWW – If your average weekly pay, before taxes, is $1,000, your indemnity benefits should roughly be $666.66 per week.

How is indemnity calculated in Bahrain labour laws?

For example if an employee completes first 3 year of his employee and his salary of last month is 3500 bhd than he is entitled for 1250+1250+1250 of compensation. These figures can only be derived after calculations through formulas.

How is the new labour law in Bahrain?

The new law has been aligned with several Arab and international labour treaties and conventions to which Bahrain is a signatory and which have come into effect over the last 36 years. The new law revitalises the private sector Labour Market by giving more rights to employees, such as improving the working conditions,…

How is an employee’s leaving entitlement calculated in Bahrain?

An employee’s entitlement pertaining to calculation of his leaving indemnity payment should be calculated based on the most recent basic wage and social allowance if any, drawn by the employee.

What does it mean to be an employee in Bahrain?

The Bahraini Labour Law offers protection to all types of employees regardless of whether they are part-time, full-time, local or expatriate employees. An employee has been defined by the Bahraini Labour Law as every natural person employed in consideration of a wage with an employer and under his management or supervision.

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