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How do you beat Scarmiglione?

How do you beat Scarmiglione?

Strategy. One should have plenty of Echo Herbs on hand to cure Silence. Tellah and Porom should always use Cura on Scarmiglione or the other characters when they need healing. Palom should cast Fira without any delay, but Scarmiglione will likely retaliate with Gas as a result of it.

How do I get to Baron from Mysidia?

Back in Mysidia, head immediately up to the house at the top of the town. Here you can again talk to the elders, who are impressed that you made it and have become a Paladin. As a result, they offer to open up the Serpent Road to Baron for you, and even translate the Mysidian myth engraved on Cecil’s new sword!

Is Final Fantasy 4 a good game?

Final Fantasy IV is an old and simple title that’s perfect for newcomers to the decades-spanning gaming franchise. FFIV is great, with memorable music and characters. Many gaming enthusiasts hold their first Final Fantasy game in high regard. …

How do you beat the Dark Knight in ff4?

Battle. The Dark Knight attacks solely using Darkness, which will do around 100 damage. The battle is scripted to end after two Darkness attacks, provided Cecil has not attacked. The voice tells Cecil during the battle not to fight—although Cecil can defeat the Dark Knight with normal attacks, it is quite difficult.

How do you beat the CPU in Final Fantasy 4?

Strategy. The player should have everyone attack the Defender until it is out. Most magic will bounce back. The player should let the Attacker attack the party, and have Rosa group-cast Curaga while the others attack CPU.

Where is Mysidia ff4?

Headquarters. Mysidia is a town in Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Mysidia is inhabited by wizards, and is ruled by an Elder. It is the hometown of Palom and Porom, and is one end of the Devil’s Road, which connects Baron and Mysidia.

Is Final Fantasy 4 DS harder?

The DS version is considerably harder than both. I have not really played the DS version, but I have played the iPad version. I think they are almost the same, except the iPad version has better graphics, and no Whyt summon.

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