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Who is the all time top scorer in GAA?

Who is the all time top scorer in GAA?

All-time top scorers

Rank Player Points
1 Joe Canning 486
2 Henry Shefflin 484
3 Patrick Horgan 482
4 T. J. Reid 414

Who has won most All Ireland football titles?

All-Ireland Senior Football Championship
Trophy Sam Maguire Cup
No. of teams 33
Title holders Tyrone (4th title)
Most titles Kerry (37 titles)

Who has lost the most All Ireland football finals?

Kerry, Cork, Dublin, Galway and Mayo have lost the most All-Ireland Finals.

  • Kerry have lost 23 finals;
  • Cork have lost 16 finals;
  • Dublin have lost 13 finals;
  • Galway have lost 13 finals;
  • Mayo have lost 15 finals.

What is the highest score ever in a hurling match?

The biggest win was Tipperary’s 8-14 – 0-4 win over Dublin in 1896, a hammering of 34 points. Cork’s remarkable four-in-a-row team of the 1940s achieved the incredible feat of winning two finals by over 20 points, beating Dublin by 20 in 1941, and Antrim by 27 in 1943.

Who has the most All Irelands hurling?

Kilkenny, Cork and Tipperary are considered “the big three” of hurling. They have won 94 championships between them….

All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship
No. of teams 12
Title holders Limerick (10th title)
Most titles Kilkenny (36 titles)

When was the last time Kerry won an All-Ireland?

Dublin were also responsible for their exit at the semi-final stage in 2013 in a closely contested classic match. Kerry won their 37th, and most recent, All-Ireland title in 2014 against Donegal, winning by a margin of 2–09 to 0–12.

How old is Patrick Horgan?

33 years (May 5, 1988)
Patrick Horgan/Age

Who are the top 10 hurling scorers of all time?

Fifty years ago, hurling’s ‘Top 10’ was the exclusive domain of the true behemoths. Prior to the commencement of the 1970 season, the likes of Ring, Rackard, Doyle, Mackey, and Keher inhabited the top of the scoring charts and it would be quite a while before they surrendered their occupancy.

What’s the record for winning the All Ireland Football Championship?

100%. One county currently have a 100% record in their All-Ireland Final appearances. Limerick Note: Limerick won the first ever All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final and its 100% success rate has only ever been threatened once – in 1896.

Who is the best Irish football player of all time?

Cillian O’Connor headed for top scorer of all time in senior football championship. In 85 championship games for Kerry, Colm Cooper amassed 352 points. Sounds good, it is good, it’s the best of all time but the kicker is that Cillian O’Connor will probably surpass it in 2018.

Who is the top goal scorer in inter county football?

Just 42 points adrift of number one spot on the top football championship scorers of all time, what O’Connor has done for Mayo in such a short space of time cannot be downplayed in any way. The Ballintubber man has scored 20 goals and 250 points in inter-county championship games for Mayo and, in 2017, he accrued 75 points in the one campaign.

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