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Where is Meghan Klingenberg now?

Where is Meghan Klingenberg now?

Portland Thorns FC#25 / Defender
United States of America
Meghan Klingenberg/Current teams

Where was Meghan Klingenberg born?

Pittsburgh, PA
Meghan Klingenberg/Place of birth

How old is Klingenberg?

33 years (August 2, 1988)
Meghan Klingenberg/Age

How tall is Klingenberg?

5′ 2″
Meghan Klingenberg/Height

What does Klingenberg wear on her neck?

The neck collar device, called a Q-Collar, is designed to press gently on the jugular vein to slow blood outflow, increasing the brain’s blood volume during competitive play.

Who does Meghan Klingenberg play for?

Where is Megan Rapinoe net worth?

$3 Million
Megan Rapinoe Net Worth: $3 Million In March, reported Rapinoe’s salary to be $447,000, making her the world’s No.

Does Q-Collar work?

All participants were 13 years and older. The Q-Collar could help reduce the risk of traumatic brain injury. They found changes in deep structures of the brain in 73% of participants in the no-collar group, while no significant changes in these same structures were found in 77% of participants in the collar group.

What does the Q-Collar do?

The Q-Collar uses jugular vein compression to slightly increase blood volume in the head. This reduces movement of the brain that can cause injury and aids in the protection of the brain from effects of repetitive head impacts.

What is the salary of Megan Rapinoe?

In March, reported Rapinoe’s salary to be $447,000, making her the world’s No. 4 highest-paid woman in soccer. See how much her net worth adds up to.

What kind of soccer does Meghan Klingenberg play?

Meghan Elizabeth Klingenberg (born August 2, 1988) is an American soccer defender. She currently plays for Portland Thorns in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and the United States women’s national soccer team.

Where did Meghan Klingenberg live most of her life?

Klingenberg was born in Pittsburgh and raised in the suburban north hills of Gibsonia, Pennsylvania. She has a younger brother named Drew who played college soccer at Penn State.

When was Meghan Klingenberg traded to the Thorns?

In October 2015, Klingenberg was part of a pingpong trade that had her join the Seattle Reign as she was traded by Houston Dash for Amber Brooks and a conditional selection in the 2017 NWSL College Draft, then traded to the NWSL 2016 expansion team Orlando, who then traded her to the Portland Thorns FC for Alex Morgan and other considerations.

How many trophies has Meghan Klingenberg won in her career?

Klingenberg has won five trophies in her career so far. She has won the 2012 Damallsvenskan with Tyresö, the 2012 Women’s Premier Soccer League Elite with Western New York Flash, and the 2017 National Women’s Soccer League with Portland Thorns FC .

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