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Can you legally burn the Australian flag?

Can you legally burn the Australian flag?

It is not an offence against the law at the present time to burn an Australian flag. In 1989, a private member s bill was introduced by Michael Cobb MP (Nat) to make it an offence to desecrate, dishonour, burn, mutilate or destroy the Australian National Flag or an Australian Ensign, without lawful authority.

Why is Australian flag at half mast today?

Flags on all NSW government buildings are flying half-mast today in recognition of NSW’s Terrorism and Homicide Victims Remembrance Day. As the anniversary of the first Bali bombing, on 12 October NSW commemorates those who lost their lives or were injured as a result of terror or violence.

Who can fly the Australian flag?

The Australian National Flag is the correct flag to be flown on land by individuals, public, private and commercial organisations. It may also be flown on government ships, fishing vessels, pleasure craft and small craft by virtue of section 30 of the Shipping Registration Act 1981.

Where are the different codes of conduct in Australia?

[3] Six Australian parliaments (New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory) have separate codes for ministers and members of parliament.

What are the standards of Ministerial Ethics in Australia?

The Rudd Government included the following paragraphs on the resolution of breaches in its Standards of Ministerial Ethics: 7.1 Ministers must accept that it is for the Prime Minister to decide whether and when a Minister should stand aside if that Minister becomes the subject of an official investigation of alleged illegal or improper conduct.

Why did cabinet approve a code of conduct?

They have responsibility for decisions that can have a significant impact on individuals and groups in South Australia, and for this reason Cabinet has approved a code of conduct to provide guidance on how ministers should act and arrange their affairs to uphold the highest standards and avoid conflicts of interest.

Is there a code of Conduct for lobbyists in Australia?

Most Australian governments have introduced lobbyist registers and codes of conduct governing the conduct of lobbyists and have codes governing the post-separation employment of ministers. [4] This publication also examines the ministerial, parliamentary and lobbying codes of conduct in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and New Zealand.

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