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What is the difference between TER and TGV?

What is the difference between TER and TGV?

TER are slower local trains, making many stops. TGV are fast long-distance trains, making few stops. TER trains do not have seat reservations. On TGV all seats are reserved and the reservation comes with the ticket.

What is the TER train in France?

Transport Express Régional
TER (Transport Express Régional) trains are comfortable local and regional train services that are found in most parts of France – although in the Greater Paris region they are known as Transilien.

Which train is faster the Intercités or the Ter?

Slower than TGV but faster than TER, France’s Intercités trains connect French cities with speed and comfort at reasonable fares. Intercités trains are traditional SNCF express trains connecting cities across regions in France.

What is Ter in Paris?

SNCF’s TER (Transport Express Régional) trains allow passengers to travel within a given region of France (of which there are 20 in total) at relatively low cost.

Do TER trains have wifi?

Electrical sockets are provided for every seat, plus WIFI is available throughout the entire train. Semi-flex and Flex ticket holders can use the WIFI for free, otherwise there is a charge. There is also an on board restaurant serving hot and cold meals, snacks and drinks (alcoholic ones included).

Do TER trains have toilets?

On TER routes served by next-generation Regiolis and Regio2N trains, we now offer more accessibility features for everyone, including independently accessible toilets.

What is the best way to get around France?

Driving is the simplest way to get around France, but a car is a liability in traffic-plagued, parking-starved city centres, and petrol bills and autoroute (dual carriageway/divided highway) tolls add up. France is famous for its excellent public-transport network, which serves everywhere bar some very rural areas.

How fast is the TGV train in France?

TGV, France French people have been enjoying 200 mph rail travel since 1981 with TGV, which stands for Train à Grande Vitesse (“high speed train” in English). A type of TGV called V150 holds the record for the highest speed on any national rail system – it hit a whopping 357.2 mph in April 2007.

When did trains start in France?

The first railroad in France, from Saint-Étienne to Andrézieux, opened in 1827. A line from Saint-Étienne to Lyon was completed in 1832. In 1840 France had about 300 miles (500 km) of railroad, and by 1870, 9,300 miles (15,500 km).

What is a TER fee?

The total expense ratio (TER) is a measure of the total costs associated with managing and operating an investment fund, such as a mutual fund. These costs consist primarily of management fees and additional expenses, such as trading fees, legal fees, auditor fees, and other operational expenses.

What does TER stand for?


Acronym Definition
TER Trade and Environment Review (UN Conference on Trade and Development)
TER Train Express Regional
TER Time Extension Request (various locations)
TER Target Emission Rate (UK)

Do SNCF trains have toilets?

Yes. There are toilets on the train.

What are the names of the regional trains in France?

Each French region has its own regional rail network, which are integrated as part of the larger SNCF national rail system. This is usually branded as TER (Transport Express Régional), although regional trains in Île-de-France operate under the Transilien brand and regional trains in Corsica operate under the name CFC (Chemins de fer de Corse).

Where does the RER train take you in Paris?

Beyond Paris city centre, the Paris RER is a ground level commuter train connecting outlying suburbs and popular destinations such as CDG Airport (RER B), Disneyland Paris (RER A) and Versailles (RER C) to the heart of Paris. The public transit authority of Paris ( RATP) offers multiple RER maps that can be downloaded here:

What does Transport express regional stand for in French?

Transport express régional (French pronunciation: ​ [tʁɑ̃spɔʁ ɛksprɛs ʁeʒjɔnal], usually shortened to TER) is the brand name used by the SNCF, the French national railway company, to denote rail service run by the regional councils of France, specifically their organised transport authorities.

Is there a train service called Ter in France?

TER is a train and coach service operated by SNCF and regional governments across France. Whether you travel regularly or occasionally, we can get you there.

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