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Who is the lawyer in Godfather?

Who is the lawyer in Godfather?

Tom Hagen
Robert Duvall, as consigliere Tom Hagen, consults with Marlon Brando (Vito Corleone) in the first Godfather movie.

What type of lawyer is Tom Hagen?

Thomas “Tom” Hagen was the consigliere and head lawyer of the Corleone family, as well as being the adoptive son of Vito and Carmela Corleone and the adoptive brother of Sonny, Fredo, Michael and Connie Corleone.

What law school did Tom Hagen go to?

He’s allegedly based, at least in part, on University of Southern California Law School alumnus Frank DeSimone. And it’s for Tom’s profession as an attorney that he’s the Fictional Attorney of Month.

Who played Vito Corleone?

Robert De NiroThe Godfather Saga
Marlon BrandoThe Godfather Saga
Don Vito Corleone/Voiced by

In The Godfather, Don Vito Corleone was portrayed by Marlon Brando. He was portrayed as a boy by Oreste Baldini and as a younger man in The Godfather Part II by Robert De Niro. Brando and De Niro’s performances won Academy Awards — Best Actor for Brando, Best Supporting Actor for De Niro.

Who killed Lucchesi?

Lucchesi is murdered by Calò. Michael formally retired from the Mafia, naming Vincent his successor. As his first act, Vincent ordered Lucchesi killed.

Who killed Fredo?

Fredo, moments before his death at Lake Tahoe. Upon their mother’s death, and at the urging of their sister Connie, Michael relented toward Fredo and seemingly offered reconciliation. However, it was only a deception to draw Fredo in so as to have him murdered by Al Neri.

Who killed Clemenza?

He died of a supposed heart attack in 1958 while at his favorite diner, cooking food for his men. He was succeeded by Frank Pentangeli, his loyal lieutenant and long time friend.

Did Vincenzo betray Michael?

However, under Michael’s tutelage, he matured into a pragmatic, yet ruthless leader. Vincent was also very loyal, being unwilling to betray Michael by running away with Mary, eventually breaking up with her for her safety and to get Michael’s approval to become Don, despite his love for her.

Who betrayed Michael in Godfather 3?

Osvaldo “Ozzie” Altobello is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of the 1990 film The Godfather Part III. In the film, he is portrayed by Eli Wallach.

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