Which is better Ace Attorney or Professor Layton?

Which is better Ace Attorney or Professor Layton?

conducted a Facebook poll in which fans were asked what currently Japan-only Level-5 game they had the most interest in. Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney ultimately won the most votes, with over 6,000.

Are Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright in the same universe?

As for the different art styles, that’s pretty easy to explain – the series show the same universe from a different “perspective”. This crossover, however, is set in a separate dimension. Confirmed! The game opens with Phoenix and Maya travelling to London, and we see their plane flying over Layton’s study.

How long is Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney?

around 30 hours
Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright is around 30 hours long, and its tale of magic and witches suffers for that extended length.

Is Espella a Bezella?

Name. “Bezella” may be a subtle play on “bell”, which was the true cause of the Legendary Fire. It is also phonetically similar to “Espella”, referencing the widespread belief among the Labyrinthians and Espella Cantabella herself that she is the Great Witch.

Is Jean Greyerl a witch?

Jean Greyerl was the alchemist Newton Belduke’s butler, and has taken it upon herself to look after his home since his death. She appeared as a witness in the witch trial of Maya Fey. She was told to pretend to be a boy by Belduke in order to hide the fact that she was a witch.

Who is Phoenix Wright’s daughter?

Trucy Wright
Trucy Wright is a character in the Ace Attorney series. She is Apollo Justice’s assistant and half-sister, and Phoenix Wright’s adopted daughter in the fourth game Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. She is also a professional stage magician born into the Gramarye family of magicians.

What happened to Edgeworth in Ace Attorney?

He woke up inside a hospital; by that time, Gregory Edgeworth was dead, fatally shot in the heart by Yogi’s pistol. Miles developed a deathly fear of earthquakes and elevators from the incident.

Who is the great witch Bezella?

The Great Witch Bezella is a character appearing in Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney. She is an evil witch, who brought terror to Labyrinthia. It is said that all other witches only exist because of her.

Is there a crossover between Ace Attorney and Professor Layton?

The game is a crossover between the Ace Attorney and Professor Layton adventure series; it is the seventh installment released for the Ace Attorney series, and the sixth installment released for the Professor Layton series. It features scenario designs from Shu Takumi,…

Who is the developer of Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright?

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (レイトン教授 VS 逆転裁判, lit. ” Professor Layton VS Turnabout Trial “) is a crossover adventure puzzle video game jointly-developed by Level-5 and Capcom and published by Level-5 for the Nintendo 3DS.

Is there a fast forward button in Ace Attorney?

The game also features fully-voiced anime style cutscenes that are common in the Professor Layton games, but were a first for the Ace Attorney series. Most text can be skipped using the “A” button, but there is no fast-forward function like in the Ace Attorney games.

Who are the main characters in Ace Attorney?

Upon inspecting a suspicious-looking book, Hershel Layton, Luke Triton, Phoenix Wright, and Maya Fey all find themselves in Labyrinthia, a strange medieval-style city in a different world from their own that has recently been falling victim to a number of seemingly impossible occurrences.

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