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What food does Elloo like?

What food does Elloo like?


Name Tribe Fav. Food
Elloo Mysterious Chinese Food

What yokai is Komajiro based on?

Like Komasan, Komajiro is based on a komainu. Specifically, he makes up the other half of a typical pair of komainu statues.

Is Komasan a real yokai?

Komasan (Japanese: コマさん, Komasan) is a Rank D, Fire-attribute Rare Yo-kai of the Charming tribe and the Omamori tribe in Yo-kai Watch 4. Prior to Yo-kai Watch 2, he was a Regular Yo-kai.

What rank is Illoo?

He can make complex topics seem pretty accessible.” Illoo (Japanese: まぼ老師, Maborōshi) is a is a Rank C, Water-attribute Yo-kai of the Mysterious tribe.

What is Suspicioni favorite food?

Chinese Food

Name Tribe Fav. Food
Suspicioni Shady Chinese Food

Does Komajiro evolve?

Komajiro will evolve into Komiger once it reached level 35.

Is Komasan a cat or dog?

Komasan is a guardian lion-dog that moved from the countryside.

Who is Komason’s mom?

Koma Kaachan is the mother of Komasan and Komajiro and deeply loves and cares for her two sons.

Where can I find Illoo Yokai Watch 3?


  • Illoo can be found in trees at Excellent Tower (accessible from Chapter 5 onwards). He can also be befriended in Blasters T, the second level in the Tomb of King Clupharaon.
  • C rank trees in basically lots of places.

How can I get Cupistol?

Yo-kai Watch 2 Like in Yo-kai Watch 1, Cupistol appears on the 4th and 13th floors of the Springdale Business Tower, which must be unlocked by summoning Illoo to the Baffle Board outside the tower. Another way to find Cupistol is in the 1st and 2nd Quiz Rooms behind the 40 Gate Globe Gate of Whimsy.

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