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What are clear sheet protectors?

What are clear sheet protectors?

Each lightweight, clear document protector is made from acid-free and archival safe polypropylene that won’t lift or transfer print, making them perfect for protecting documents, irreplaceable photos, valuable collector cards and other prized items against dirt, tears and spills.

Should I use sheet protectors?

Whether you have high-use documents you don’t want to risk tearing or smudging, or important documents you don’t want to hole-punch, your answer is sheet protectors. Save paper by avoiding copying high-use documents, and protect what you can’t replace.

What sizes do sheet protectors come in?

While most page protectors come in a generic letter size, the options can range from very small up to 13″ by 13″ for scrapbook pages and other larger items. Standard sizes include half letter (5.5″ by 8.5″), letter, and legal.

What is Diamond clear sheet protectors?

Each diamond clear sheet protector offers a polished finish that delivers a crisp view of your 8-1/2” x 11” papers, while the heavyweight material ensures protection of your frequently referenced photos, documents, records and more.

Can you use dry erase markers on sheet protectors?

Save paper by placing recording sheets in sheet protectors. Simply slide the page into a sheet protector or dry erase pouch and use EXPO Dry Erase Markers with Ink Indicator to write on them.

What are sheet protectors made of?

nonstick polypropylene
These Staples sheet protectors are made with nonstick polypropylene to provide durability and help prevent smudging and smearing.

What can I do with sheet protectors?

Use Page Protectors For Reusable Papers

  1. Meal Planner.
  2. Shopping List.
  3. Weekly Planner.
  4. Chore Chart.
  5. Kid Games (e.g. Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman)
  6. Homework Practice Sheets (e.g. Tracing Letters, Addition Worksheets, Foreign Language Vocabulary Sheets)
  7. Sticker Book.

Are sheet protectors acid-free?

Sheet Protector Material Polypropylene, or plastic page protectors are acid-free and archival safe. That means they won’t yellow and crack over time. Plastic sheet protectors also won’t smear or pick up the ink from your important business & personal documents.

Are all sheet protectors acid free?

Sheet Protector Material Polypropylene, or plastic page protectors are acid-free and archival safe. Vinyl page protectors are thicker and more durable, than most poly options. However, they are not archival safe.

How thick are sheet protectors?

Each standard weight sheet protector meets industry standards and measures 1.97 mil or . 05mm thick to ensure performance and strength, and can hold paper up to 8.5î x 11î.

Are Avery sheet protectors acid free?

The acid-free and archival-safe material won’t lift or transfer ink, so your documents stay neat and clean. Use as a dry erase board for checklists, note taking, lesson practice, chore charts and more by writing directly on protectors with Avery Dry Erase Markers.

Can I write on sheet protectors?

Write and highlight directly on the protector! Lets you scribble notes or highlight without marking directly onto the paper inside. Works with most pens, markers and highlighters. Nonstick surface won’t lift ink off the page.

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