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Is there gold in Boddington?

Is there gold in Boddington?

Key Facts. Boddington is one of Australia’s largest producing gold mines. Boddington produces gold and copper concentrate. Commercial production began in 2009 and the mine reached two million ounces of gold production in August 2012.

How much gold does Boddington mine produce?

Officially reopened on 3 February 2010, the mine has now become Australia’s largest gold mine, eclipsing the Super Pit. In the 2018 financial year, Boddington Gold Mine produced 709 thousand troy ounces (22.1 tonnes) of gold and 77 million pounds (35 thousand tonnes) of copper.

How big is the Boddington gold mine?

The mine’s footprint is a whopping 4km long, 1km wide and will ultimately be 700m deep. The Super Pit is about 3.5km long, 1.5km wide and 360m deep, but is being expanded to about 3.9km long 1.6km wide and more than 500m in depth.

Can you visit Boddington gold mine?

Go West Tours offers visitors the opportunity to experience Newmont Boddington Gold up close. Look down into the South Pit where ore is mined and watch as the giant haul trucks transport their loads to be placed on an overland conveyor and transferred to the Processing Plant to be turned into gold.

How much gold is left in Australia?

Australia is estimated to have the world’s largest gold reserves, with 9,500 tonnes or 17 per cent of the total world estimated gold reserves of 57,000 tonnes.

What is the biggest mine in the world?

The Garzweiler surface mine, named after the nearby village of Garzweiler, is currently the largest surface mine in the world and covers an area of 48 sq. km. At Garzweiler, the top ground layer is removed for lignite extraction. Lignite, also called ‘brown coal,’ can be used for power generation.

Is there gold in Perth?

Australia. This site represents the closest location to Perth where gold is confirmed to have been found, most others a long days drive or more from the capital. A rush of inexperienced miners came to the creek, dryblowing and panning alluvial gold from the creek bed, trenching and sinking shafts on nearby hill slopes.

How many people work at the Boddington gold mine?

2,000 people
What do they mine at Boddington? With an estimated 11.2 million ounces in proven and probable reserves, Boddington is ranked as Australia’s largest and the world’s seventh largest gold mine. The mine directly employs around 2,000 people, with an on-site camp capacity of 2,300.

What is the richest gold mine in the world?

Richest gold mine measured by gold grade in reserves is Macassa underground gold mine, Ontario, Canada, owned by Kirkland Lake Gold. Macassa is part of one of Canada’s oldest and richest systems.

Who is the largest copper miner in the world?

Minera Escondida
Minera Escondida, located in Antofagasta, Chile, is the world’s largest copper mine, producing almost 5% of the world’s supply of the metal. BHP manages the operation and holds a roughly 58% stake. Other investors include Rio Tinto PLC and Japan’s Mitsubishi Corp.

Which is the largest diamond mine in the world?

Aikhal –
Aikhal – Russia Aikhal (means ‘fame’) is the biggest diamond mine in the world. It is located in Yakutia, in the far east of Russia. The owner of this mine is one of the biggest mining companies in the world, Alrosa.

Why is Newmont Boddington Gold important to Australia?

As part of our strong relationship and commitment with the Aboriginal People of Australia, and in recognition of their native title rights, Newmont Boddington Gold negotiated a land access agreement.

Where can I find Newmont Goldcorp Boddington WA?

Name Newmont Goldcorp Boddington Email [email protected] Web Site Address Newmont Boddington Gold Community Inform Please note: The CIC is not regularly ma

Who is the sole owner of Boddington Gold?

Boddington was a three-way joint venture between Newmont, AngloGold Ashanti and Newcrest. In 2009, Newmont purchased AngloGold Ashanti’s shares to become the sole owner of Boddington.

Where is the Newmont Gold Mine in WA?

Newmont Boddington Gold Newmont’s Boddington Gold mine is located within the Saddleback greenstone belt in Western Australia. A large gold and copper mine, Boddington is located 16 km from the rural farming town of Boddington and 120 km from Western Australia’s capital city, Perth.

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