Who does Takao like in D-Frag?

Who does Takao like in D-Frag?

She has had romantic feelings for Kenji Kazama ever since he helped her reconcile with Roka Shibasaki. Despite her usual attitude, Takao deeply admires his kindness and willingness to help others.

Do Kazama and Takao get together?

Takao later develops a crush on Kazama but denies it heavily when asked. In the manga, she develops her crush on him after he helps her avoid her punishment from the Game Creation Club (Temp) after losing the school festival bet.

Is there romance in D-Frag?

Over-the-top comedy/gag series that take place at school and feature one protagonist who is a former delinquent, both of which have the surname Kenji. There’s even a character in D-frag! Both shows have some romance elements.

Will there be a season 2 of D-Frag?

So as of now, it all comes down to the decision of the creators and also the Studio. We can’t really expect anything in 2019 because Brain’s Studio already has a lot of projects lined up for the year. But hopefully, we might hear some positive news about ‘D-Frag’ season 2 release date by the end of 2020.

What does D-Frag mean?

“Delinquent”. Delinquent Fragments. I think it kinda makes sense :P.

How many D-Frag volumes are there?


ディーふらぐ! (Dīfuragu!)
Original run July 26, 2008 – present
Volumes 15
Anime television series
Directed by Seiki Sugawara

Does Hinamatsuri have romance?

Every story, every scene, and every episode is predicated on the love amongst people. Unlike a lot of slice of life series, HINAMATSURI doesn’t rely on lazily established romances as ‘love’. The love in this series is a kind of general goodwill that all people can understand.

Is there a romance in Noragami?

While it is mostly an adventure comedy, Noragami has a romantic subplot. The anime is about a minor god who is looking for more people to worship him. He gets the help of a girl who he once saved and gets the recognition of one shrine dedicated to him.

Is Hinamatsuri sad anime?

Overall, Hinamatsuri is an anime that does a lot, and a lot of that is different from the usual. It’s because comedy isn’t just laughing at stupidity, comedy is also trying to find the funny in tragedy and the sad times, that’s what Hinamatsuri is all about.

What type of anime is Hinamatsuri?

Hinamatsuri (manga)

Genre Comedy, slice-of-life
Written by Masao Ōtake
Published by Enterbrain (publishing)

Is Yato in love with hiyori?

As of Chapter 78, it has been confirmed that Hiyori does have feelings for Yato. As of Chapter 79, it has been confirmed that Yato does have feelings for Hiyori.

Who is Chitose Karasuyama in D-Frag?

Chitose Karasuyama (烏山 千歳 Karasuyama Chitose) is a second-year, the 15th President of the student council whose authority is so great even the teachers fear her, the best friend of Roka Shibasaki , the younger sister of Chitose’s Older Sister and the rival of Tama Sakai.

Where does Chitose Karasuyama go to high school?

Karasuyama Chitose is a second year student at Fujou High School and the Vice-President of Game Creation Club (Provisional), she is also the 15th President of Fujou High School ‘s Student Council .

How big is Takao from D-Frag?

Takao three sizes are B92-W61-H83 cm. Takao lives with both her parents and two older sisters. Takao has often been noted to have above average physical abilities, being able to push someone far distances or single-handedly hold back a closing stone door.

What kind of weapon does Chitose Karasuyama use?

Chitose’s element is “Earth”, and her main combat method includes punching her opponents with sand on her fist from making sand castles, throwing lumps of dirt kept in her pockets at them, or digging pitfall traps. Chitose has a habit of burying her victims up to the neck.

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