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Is SLB a good company to work for?

Is SLB a good company to work for?

Good work environment and low pay Slb is a good company to work. They always the 1st in updating new technology ao you can learn a lot from them and will be your highlights for your next job.

How do I get an internship at Shell?

Application process

  1. Stage 1 – Online Assessments. After you’ve submitted your application, you’ll be asked to complete four online game-based assessments.
  2. Stage 2 – Final Assessment. This is the last assessment stage.
  3. Shell Connect.
  4. Shell Internship.
  5. Offer.

What do you know about Schlumberger?

Schlumberger (SLB: NYSE) is a technology company that partners with customers to access energy. Our people, representing over 160 nationalities, are providing leading digital solutions and deploying innovative technologies to enable performance and sustainability for the global energy industry.

How much salary does fresher get at Schlumberger?

Minimum salary at Schlumberger depends on the role you are applying for. For Design Engineer the minimum salary is ₹6.2 Lakhs per year, for Mechanical Engg. Design the minimum salary is ₹7.2 Lakhs per year and so on.

What is Schlumberger net worth?

Schlumberger net worth as of September 29, 2021 is $42.41B. Schlumberger Limited is the world’s leading provider of technology for reservoir characterization, drilling, production, and processing to the oil and gas industry.

What do you call a person who is doing an internship?

Internships are temporary jobs that provide the people who do them, known as interns, with entry-level work experience in a career.

How do you write an email for an internship?

In your email asking for an internship, include:

  1. A clear subject line, including why you’re writing.
  2. Your basic information.
  3. Why you want to intern with the company, based on your research.
  4. Your unique value-add for the organization, supported by examples.
  5. A copy of your resume, so that they can easily share it.

How long does Schlumberger reply take?

Read 16 answers Takes about a month, after interview, back ground and drug test. It is very hard to join the company midterm career as they have a hiring system in place for most of the top universities world wide. They like to mold their people from the ground up. Within 1-3 months, depending on the market trend.

What does SLB stand for?


Acronym Definition
SLB Surplus Lines Broker (license; various locations)
SLB State Land Board
SLB Society for Leukocyte Biology (Bethesda, MD)
SLB Sale and Leaseback (financial transaction)

Why do you want to do an internship at Schlumberger?

Our internships are often the first step in a successful career with us. They are also excellent preparation for any role in our industry and beyond because we offer rigorous training, a supportive culture, and the opportunity to work on real projects. We believe internships are a two-way process.

What does early career mean for Schlumberger?

Our early careers job postings provide an opportunity for students and recent graduates to submit an application for consideration and do not correlate with a specific vacancy at this point in time. Submitting your details will enable us to match you to future career opportunities.

Why are there cookies on my Schlumberger website?

These cookies are set by a range of social media services that we have added to the site to enable you to share our content with your friends and networks. They are capable of tracking your browser across other sites and building up a profile of your interests. This can impact the content and messages you see on other websites.

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