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Can u wear shorts at Go Ape?

Can u wear shorts at Go Ape?

1 answer. Hi, thanks for your interest in Go Ape! We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting a little dirty (gym clothes are perfect, but keep in mind the harness will sit on your upper thighs and waist, so longer shorts are best) and closed toe shoes such as sneakers or hiking boots.

Do you wear helmets at Go Ape?

Will I be wearing a helmet? You will only have to wear a helmet if you’re participating on Forest Segway. Go Ape has consulted widely whilst risk assessing the benefits or disadvantages of participants wearing helmets on our high ropes experiences.

What do you wear to Segway go ape?

All participants are required to wear a safety helmet provided by Go Ape! Forest Segway and fitted by an instructor. f. The Activities are physically demanding and require a degree of agility, strength and stamina.

Do you need ID for Go Ape?

You won’t need to bring any ID with you. Those aged 16+ will need to sign a risk acknowledgement and disclaimer. Those under the age of 16 must be supervised by a participating adult aged 18+ who will be required to sign the risk acknowledgement and disclaimer assuming responsibility for those under the age of 16.

Can you wear jewelry at Go Ape?

Tie up long hair, tuck away necklaces, remove hoop earrings and clip watches, cover your waist as harnesses may rub, no open toed footwear or slip off shoes. harness you must not smoke whilst wearing it. Supervision The Training Site is the only site where you are directly supervised by a Go Ape instructor.

Do you have to wear face covering at Go Ape?

Yes, everyone present at Go Ape should wear a face covering during check-in and whenever social distancing cannot be maintained. Treetop Adventure What is Go Ape Treetop Adventure?

What to wear for Go Ape in the autumn?

Gloves are always a good idea in the autumn/winter months they protect your hands from the elements, they can stylishly match with your hat/scarf ensemble and, when tackling the high ropes at Go Ape, they will really protect your hands. Don’t worry if you forget them though we sell them in the cabin. Dress your feet sensibly

Is there a phone number for Go Ape?

Yes, absolutely. Give us a call at 1-800-971-8271 or visit and fill out a request form. A Go Ape representative will be able to get you all squared away. Can anyone participate? Are there supervision requirements?

What are the safety requirements for Go Ape?

No supervision requirements. Go Ape will have an instructor at the start of the experience, who will connect you to the safety system, and a staff member at the jump platform, who will connect you to the jump line. How high up is the Monkey Drop?

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