How can I reach Diu and Daman?

How can I reach Diu and Daman?

Here is how to reach Daman and Diu:

  1. By Air. Flights are available daily to reach Daman from Mumbai (170 km) and Vadodara (300 km). The local airport is in Nani Daman.
  2. By Train. Vapi is the nearest railway station, 12 km away from Daman.
  3. By Road. Daman and Diu is well connected with major towns and cities in western India.

Is there any ferry service from Daman to Diu?

It’s the long distance from south Gujarat and Daman to Diu that keeps most of the visitors away from travelling to Diu. It takes almost 15 hours from Surat by road to travel to Diu. However, the ferry service from Daman could drastically reduce the travel time to Diu to only six hours.

Which Gulf will one have to cross to get to Diu from Daman?

Gulf of Khambat
Administratively, they constitute a Union Territory; geographically though, they are two distinct coastal enclaves separated by about 750 km. Daman is located in the Gulf of Khambat (Cambay), while Diu is a miniscule island off Gujarat’s Kathiawad coast.

How many days are enough for Daman and Diu?

How many days are enough for Daman Trip? 2 days are enough to explore Daman.

Which is better to visit Daman or Diu?

I would prefer Daman, which is close to Vapi and easier to reach. Of course, if you want visit Somnath, Diu is close by. In addition to above reply, Daman is industrial town while Diu is completely tourist destination. Diu should be preferred for your 5-6 days leisure trip.

What is the best time to visit Daman?

A pleasant climate makes Daman a place that one can visit anytime. The best time of the year for a trip to Daman is between the months of October and May.

How do I get to Somnath from Diu?

The cheapest way to reach from Somnath to Diu is bus to Veraval, then bus to Diugujarat and takes 4h 40m. The fastest way to reach from Somnath to Diu is cab to Diu and takes 1h 59m. The recommended way to reach from Somnath to Diu is cab to Diu and takes 1h 59m. Cabs from Gozo etc.

Which language is spoken in Daman and Diu?

Daman : Language Gujarati is the predominant language of this region and is the most widely spoken. The language of the official work is English. Hindi is understood by a vast majority of the people even in rural areas.

What is the best time to visit Diu?

Best time to visit this city is from November-February in winters. Monsoon comes early at this place as it’s near to sea and winds bring monsoon early here. Temperature of the city remains 23°C-37°C in monsoon with showers. Best time to visit Diu in monsoon is from August-October.

Is Daman expensive?

The average price of a 7-day trip to Daman is $1,679 for a solo traveler, $3,015 for a couple, and $5,653 for a family of 4.

How many days is enough for Diu?

Two or three days are enough for Diu. over a year ago. You can stay there for 3-4 days max. If u have your own car then it is easy to get around everywhere.

Is Diu good for honeymoon?

Diu is also a place where you will get to see some marvellous locations, which have become more beautiful with the passing of time. One of them is the Naida caves, which were created when the Portuguese started constructing the Diu Fort. You can book special honeymoon cottages or hotels in Diu, with a private beach.

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