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Is xylene considered a carcinogen?

Is xylene considered a carcinogen?

Both the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and EPA have found that there is insufficient information to determine whether or not xylene is carcinogenic and consider xylene not classifiable as to its human carcinogenicity.

Can exposure to xylene cause cancer?

Are xylene fumes harmful?

Overview. Xylene (C8H10) is a colorless, flammable liquid with a sweet odor. Exposure to xylene can irritate the eyes, nose, skin, and throat. Xylene can also cause headaches, dizziness, confusion, loss of muscle coordination, and in high doses, death.

Can xylene cause leukemia?

Dr. Adele Seniori Constantini of the Center for Study and Prevention of Cancer and her colleagues also found an increased risk of chronic lymphoid leukemia with benzene exposure. Two other oil-derived industrial chemicals, xylene and toluene, were also tied to greater chronic lymphoid leukemia risk.

How can I safely use xylene?

What handling and storage practices should be used when working with xylene? Handling: In the event of a spill or leak, exit the area immediately. Eliminate heat and ignition sources such as sparks, open flames, hot surfaces and static discharge. Post “No Smoking” signs.

What happens if you inhale xylene?

Breathing xylene vapors in small amounts can cause headache, dizziness, drowsiness, and nausea. With more serious exposure, xylene can cause sleepiness, stumbling, irregular heartbeat, fainting, or even death. Xylene vapors are mildly irritating to the skin, eyes, and lungs.

What can I use in place of xylene?

Carrot oil, Olive oil, Pine oil, Rose oil, are not only bio friendly and economical but can also be used as clearing agent instead of xylene.

How bad is xylene for you?

Can I use mineral spirits instead of Xylene?

The mineral spirits left after the toluene and xylene are removed is sold as “odorless” mineral spirits….Understanding Solvents: Part I.

Solvent Dissolves Thins
Toluene (toluol) Xylene (xylol) Wax Water-based finish Wax OilThe Finishing Store News Varnish (incl. polyurethane varnish) Conversion varnish
Alcohol (denatured) Shellac Shellac Lacquer

What can I use instead of Xylene?

Is there a link between xylene and carcinogenicity?

Xylene (technical grade or mixed xylenes) was tested for carcinogenicity in one strain of mice and in two strains of rats by gavage. One study in rats with mixed xylenes was considered inadequate for evaluation. No increase in the incidence of tumours was observed in either mice or rats following the administration of a technical-grade xylene.

Is the IARC monographs on benzene available online?

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is pleased to announce that the IARC Monographs volume on benzene is now available online. This volume presents an evaluation of the carcinogenicity of benzene, updating the most recent evaluation provided in Volume 100F of the IARC Monographs.

What are IARC monographs on the identification of carcinogenic hazards to humans?

IARC Monographs on the Identification of Carcinogenic Hazards to Humans – INTERNATIONAL AGENCY FOR RESEARCH ON CANCER The IARC Monographs identify environmental factors that are carcinogenic hazards to humans. These include chemicals, complex mixtures, occupational exposures, physical agents, biological agents, and lifestyle factors.

What are the risks of benzene and xylene?

It should also be noted that any future epidemiological observations of cancer risks associated with toluene or xylene would have to take account of the suspected effects of benzene impurities. Publication types Review MeSH terms

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