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What age group is Pig the pug for?

What age group is Pig the pug for?

Ages 3–5.

What reading level is Pig the pug?

Level 2
Pig and Pug (Penguin Young Readers, Level 2) Paperback – Illustrated, March 10, 2015.

What is the moral of Pig the pug?

Pug’s moral need is that he needs to start treating other dogs better, and learn to share his toys. Main characters also need an obvious desire. Pig desires to keep all of his toys to himself.

What genre is Pig the pug?

Pig the Pug/Genres

What is the problem in Pig the pug?

Pig is the greediest Pug in the world. He is bad-tempered, rude and he never ever shares his balls, bones and chew toys. Trevor, a friendly wiener dog, is Pig’s roommate and is always trying to persuade Pig to share all the toys.

What is the newest Pig the pug book?

Series List in Order

Order Title Date
1 Pig the Pug Jul-2014
2 Pig the Winner Jul-2017
3 Pig the Elf Oct-2017
4 Pig the Star Apr-2018

Who are the characters in Pig the pug?

In the series by Aaron Blabey, there is also Pig the Fibber, Pig the Winner and Pig the Elf. Pig is a pug. He lives with Trevor, the sausage dog and although Trevor is very keen to play together and be friends, Pig the pug wants no part of it!

Does Pig the Pug rhyme?

Pig the Pug is delightfully told in fun, exuberant rhyme, with vivid, amusing illustrations.

How many Pig the Pug books are there 2020?

Pig the Pug Book Series (6 Books)

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What to do with pig the Pug story?

“Pig the Pug” by Aaron Blabey is a cute story about a greedy and selfish pug named Pig who will not share his toys with Trevor, the wiener dog. The story is perfect for a literature component in a unit on friendship, bullying, sharing, or back to school.This activity can be used in whole group inst.

What kind of dog is pig the Pug?

Summary: Meet Pig the Pug…a greedy and selfish doggie who refuses to share his toys. Meet Trevor, a wiener dog who tries to get Pig to play together and share his cool toys. Just when Pig stockpiles all his possessions in a mini-mountain, something happens that may change his outlook on sharing.

Who is the author of pig the Pug?

Pig the Pug is a rude, bratty, attention-seeking dog who (in each book) learns a lesson about how his behavior affects others. Aaron Blabey wrote the books in the series and I’ve adapted them into short Readers’ Theater scripts. The funny, 2-page scripts in this pack will get your students reading

When is the best time to teach pig the Pug?

The feature text Pig the Pug is used to focus on message and character traits. Many other strategies are included as well such as cause and effect, retelling, sequencing, writing, text connections an This mini unit is perfect to teach in December during the Christmas season.

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