What were the human causes of the Boscastle flood?

What were the human causes of the Boscastle flood?

Human Causes A lack of flood protection and old, small drainage systems which were insufficient to cope with the flow. Trees and vehicles blocked the river channel, particularly under a bridge in the centre of Boscastle, see Figure 6, which led to the river bursting its banks and further flooding in nearby properties.

How are floods caused by global warming?

According to The Royal Society, climate change causes higher global temperatures, which then increase the amount of evaporation and creates areas of extreme heat and dryness. As you can see, the link between floods, droughts, and other extreme weather phenomena is intrinsically linked to climate change.

What are human causes of flooding?

Human activities that degrade the environment often increases flooding. These activities include: Deforestation. The lack of vegetation encourages water to flow over the surface rather than infiltrate into the soil thus increasing surface runoff.

What were the social effects of the Boscastle flood?

There were still major social impacts. Many jobs in the tourism industry were lost as people stopped visiting fearful of another flood. 50+ car were lost making it harder to continue normal activities and People were unable to work as they were stranded in Boscastle or there job within Bocastle was out of business.

How did Boscastle flood?

Very heavy rain fell in storms close to the village, causing two rivers to burst their banks. About two billion litres of water then rushed down the valley straight into Boscastle. Residents had little time to react. Cars were swept out to sea, buildings were badly damaged and people had to act quickly to survive.

How much did it cost to repair Boscastle after the flood?

Structural experts have warned that many properties in flood-hit Boscastle, Cornwall, may have to be demolished. The total cost of rebuilding the village could be as much as £500m, according to a former president of the Institution of Structural Engineers.

Do floods get worse?

Flooding and the number of people exposed to it will continue to worsen, the study found. Thirty-two countries are already experiencing increasing floods, and 25 new countries will be added to that list by 2030 unless greenhouse gas emissions are significantly curbed, researchers found.

What are 3 causes of flooding?


  • heavy rainfall.
  • long periods of rain.
  • snowmelt.
  • steep slopes.
  • impermeable rock (doesn’t allow water through)
  • very wet, saturated soils.
  • compacted or dry soil.

What was the impact of the Boscastle flood?

Impact of the flood 75 cars, 5 caravans, 6 buildings and several boats were washed into the sea; approximately 100 homes and businesses were destroyed, and some had to be demolished; trees were uprooted and debris were scattered over a large area.

Why did Boscastle flood start?

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