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How do I find my Westpac branch?

How do I find my Westpac branch?

How do I locate a branch or an ATM?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘locate us’ found on the top right hand side of the screen.
  3. Enter the requested details.

Can Westpac deposit at St George?

Use Cardless Cash for a cardless withdrawal without a debit card on eligible Accounts from any Westpac, St. George, Bank of Melbourne or BankSA ATMs….Using our ATMs.

Deposit at: Then, you can deposit up to:
Coin Deposit Machine $10,000 cash (coins) per account using your Westpac card

Can Westpac use Commonwealth ATM?

This means if you’ve got an Australian bank account with a debit card (like any of the accounts in the table above), you can use it to withdraw cash for free at all CommBank, ANZ, NAB or Westpac ATMs across Australia.

Which banks are affiliated with Westpac?

Our business comprises four key customer-facing divisions which operate a unique portfolio of brands including Westpac, St. George, Bank of Melbourne, BankSA, BT and RAMS. Through these brands we serve over 13 million customers.

What is the bank code for Westpac?

Bank branch (BSB) number, account number and account name. Bank’s SWIFT code: Westpac’s SWIFT code is WPACAU2S.

How do I know the branch of my bank?

If you use online banking, the easiest way to find your bank branch is to log in and go to your account details. This should give you the name of your account, account number, sort code and branch address. Your branch address should also be on any paper statements or letters you’ve received from your bank.

Can St George customers use Westpac ATM?

St. George customers can withdraw cash or view account balances at St. George, Bank of Melbourne, BankSA and Westpac ATMs free of charge.

Is Westpac and St George the same bank?

On 1 December 2008 St. George became part of the Westpac Group, contributing almost 30% of the merged entity and creating Australia’s leading financial services organisation with an ‘AA’ credit rating.

Can I withdraw $5000 from ATM?

You can withdraw cash from a branch, ATM or via EFTPOS with your purchase. You can withdraw cash in person at one of our branches. For amounts over $5,000, please call ahead of visiting.

Which ATM is free Westpac?

Westpac today announced that non-Westpac Group customers will no longer be charged an ATM withdrawal fee when they use one of Westpac Group’s 2,925 ATMs. This also includes non-Westpac customers using St. George, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA ATMs.

Can Bank of Melbourne customers use Westpac branches?

Yes. Bank of Melbourne remains part of Australia’s largest network of regional bank brands, including St. George, BankSA and Westpac ATMs. Will other ATMs charge a fee?

Is Westpac a good bank?

Good reliable bank. Westpac is a well known bank. They are competitive with home loan rates, savings interest and credit cards. Staff are knowledgeable and friendly, always ready to assist with any problems or concerns. It is a concern that so many branches are closing.

Where are the Westpac branches in Adelaide Australia?

Adelaide City Centre Westpac Adelaide City Centre Branches Find all Westpac branches in Adelaide City Centre Search Adelaide Gouger Street 64 Gouger St, Adelaide City Centre, Adelaide, 5000 Show on map

Where can I get a Westpac bank account?

You can bank anywhere, anytime online. Register here to do your banking securely, when and where you want, using Westpac Online and Mobile Banking. Find out more about our COVID-19 support package and how to apply online for financial assistance to help get you back on your feet financially.

Is there a WestPac in King William Street?

Please be aware that, on occasion, branches may change their hours of operation at short notice – if you are planning a last minute visit we recommend telephoning Westpac where possible to confirm any details. Browse by bank…

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