How do I factory reset my macbook pro lock screen?

How do I factory reset my macbook pro lock screen?

How to wipe a Mac computer with a factory reset

  1. Turn your Mac computer off.
  2. Press the power button to turn it on, then immediately press and hold Command (⌘) + R.
  3. After a few moments, the macOS Utilities window should appear — this is known as Recovery Mode.
  4. Select “Disk Utility” and click “Continue.”

How do I unfreeze my macbook pro lock screen?

Press and hold down the Command (⌘) and Control (Ctrl) keys along with the power button (or the ‌Touch ID‌ / Eject button, depending on the Mac model) until the screen goes blank and the machine restarts.

How do I bypass the login screen on my macbook pro?

Require a password after waking your Mac

  1. On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click General. Open the General pane for me.
  2. Select “Require password… after sleep or screen saver begins.”
  3. Click the pop-up menu and choose the time that passes before a password is required.

How do I do a hard reset on a MacBook Pro?

How to Hard Reset MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro

  1. To force a restart your MacBook, you need to press and hold down the Command (⌘) button, the Control (Ctrl) key, and the power button at the same time.
  2. Hold these keys down until your MacBook’s screen goes blank and the computer restarts itself.

How do you unlock a MacBook Pro without administrator password?

With your Mac now in Recovery Mode, click on Utilities in the menu bar followed by Terminal. A new window will show up, waiting for you to enter a command. Type “resetpassword” as one word, without the quotes, and press Return. Close the Terminal window, where you will then find the Reset Password tool.

What do you do when your Mac lock screen freezes?

What to Do when Your Mac Freezes

  1. Use Force Quit when an application is unresponsive. Choose Force Quit from the Apple menu or press Command+Option+Esc keys.
  2. Restart. If Force Quit doesn’t bail you out, try rebooting the computer.
  3. Restart in Safe Mode.

Why is my MacBook pro stuck on the lock screen?

Shutdown the computer, wait 30 seconds, restart the computer. Disconnect all third-party peripherals. Reset your Startup Disk and Sound preferences, if needed, after resetting the PRAM. Test in safe mode to see if the problem persists, then restart normally.

Why does my Mac keep going to the lock screen?

One possible reason why your Mac locks the screen automatically is that you have set up a Hot Corner that quickly activates the screen saver when you leave your computer. To check whether this is the case, click System Preferences from the Apple menu, then go to Desktop & Screen Saver.

How to change the default lock screen on a Mac?

How do I default my lock screen? 1 Open System Preferences 2 Click Desktop & Screen Saver 3 Make sure you are in the Desktop tab 4 At the bottom of the panel, you may find a Change picture option, and all you need to do is to uncheck the box next to it 5 Congratulations! You’ve successfully managed to default your lock screen

How to bypass Find my Mac activation lock screen?

Bypass Find My Mac Activation Lock Screen. Reconnect your device and click the Bypass Button. Please wait until your device reboots. The program will notify you that the Find My Mac Activation Lock screen bypass has been completed successfully! Once the process is complete, your device will boots in to internet recovey mode.

What do I do if my MacBook Pro is stuck on the login screen?

Switch off your Mac. Press and hold on the “ Command” + “S ” to access the Single User Mode after you tap on the power button. Once the sequence of codes moves up, a command prompt will manifest with a line: :/ root# At this point, this step will allow you to gain entry to the files in your Mac.

How to reset my MacBook Pro to factory settings?

How to Reset My MacBook Pro 1 Boot your MacBook Pro in Recovery ModeClick the Apple logo at the upper left corner of the screen and select… 2 Erase your MacBook Pro’s hard driveWhen the Recovery Mode Utilities window shows up, pick Disk Utility and… 3 Reinstall Mac on your MacBook Pro See More….


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