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Is the clavicle a projection?

Is the clavicle a projection?

The clavicle AP view is a standard projection part of the clavicle series. The projection demonstrates the shoulder in its natural anatomical position allowing for adequate radiographic examination of the entire clavicle.

Are the clavicles axial?

The clavicle (collarbone) is an S-shaped bone located on the anterior side of the shoulder. It is attached on its medial end to the sternum of the thoracic cage, which is part of the axial skeleton.

Why do routine clavicle views include a projection with Cephalad tube tilt?

This projection straightens out the clavicle and projects most of it above the scapula and second and third rib. It can help to determine angulation of fractures and dislocation 1.

What is a tangential projection?

The tangential projection represents an extraoral projection which with success can be performed with the dental X-ray set. The central X-ray is directed horizontally and perpendicularly to the film passing (as a tangent) the anterior surface of either the maxilla or mandible.

What is axial projection?

Axial projection. Radiographic projection devised to obtain direct visualization of the base of the skull. Synonym: axial view, base projection, submental vertex projection, submentovertical projection, verticosubmental view.

What is the example of axial?

The axial skeleton includes the bones that form the skull, laryngeal skeleton, vertebral column, and thoracic cage.

Which two bones does the clavicle articulate with?

The clavicle articulates with the scapula here, at the tip of the acromion. This other projection, looking like a bent finger, is the coracoid process. Here’s how the clavicle and the scapula look in the living body.

What is the tube angle for the AP axial projection of the clavicle?

In the Alexander method (AP axial projection), which is superior in delineating abnormalities of AC joint, the CR is directed to the coracoid process at a cephalic angle of 15°.

What is clavicle brace?

Clavicle Brace: The clavicle is one of the most commonly broken bones, especially among young kids playing high impact sports. The brace keeps the collarbone area immobilized after a simple break or fracture so the bone can heal.

How do you do an axial shoulder?

Shoulder Superoinferior Axial Position of patient: The patient should be seated sideways at the end of the the table low enough to permit extension of the shoulder. Leaning laterally towards the the table to center the shoulder joint on the image receptor. The patient should suspend respiration for the exposure.

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