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Can I ask a CPA a question for free?

Can I ask a CPA a question for free?

Ask a CPA is a free service that allows you to ask one of the thousands of licensed and verified accountants in our network for advice about your most pressing tax questions. Once you submit your tax question, we will share it with every accountant in our network.

Can a CPA give tax advice?

However, tax accountants cannot give you legal advice. Tax accountants who have the necessary qualifications and experience can apply for registration with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) as a registered tax agent.

Do accountants give free advice?

I think the most common reason accountants give themselves is that it helps evidence their credibility, style, approach, knowledge and willingness to help clients. In reality it is only the accountant themselves who doubts their ability and knowledge. So accountants are generally proving nothing by giving free advice.

Is it worth getting a CPA anymore?

It’s no secret. Passing the CPA exam all but guarantees that if you play your cards right you will make well over $1 million dollars more during your entire career than if you never passed the CPA exam.

How do I talk to CPA on TurboTax?

Make sure you’re signed in to your current TurboTax product. Select Help at the top, and then Contact us. Now enter “Add Expert Services” in the Ask a question box, and select Continue. Select Speak with a live CPA or EA.

Can I study CPA online?

Most states have identical requirements, so it is often possible to attend an online CPA degree program not in your state and still meet your state’s licensing requirements. Online CPA degrees are often tagged as “CPA track” programs.

Are CPA tax advisors?

Tax advisors can include Certified Public Accounts (CPAs), tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and some financial advisors. A tax advisor may also be known as a tax consultant.

Is CPA harder than CFP?

The CPA and CFP certifications are both common for financial advisors. The CFP program is also less-rigorous overall than the CPA program. CFPs do not require the same specific education and experience requirements that CPAs must have.

What should I bring to my first meeting with an accountant?

6 Things to Bring Your Accountant to Prepare Your Tax Return

  • Identification Information.
  • Copy of Most Recent Tax Return.
  • Wage Statements.
  • Additional Income Statements.
  • Real Estate Documents.
  • Proof of Expenses.

How do I contact an accountant?

Contact us: NSW

  1. Enquiries. P: 1300 73 73 73. E: [email protected].
  2. Street address. Level 3. 111 Harrington Street. Sydney New South Wales 2000.
  3. Postal address. Locked Bag 23. Grosvenor Place. New South Wales 1220.
  4. Opening hours. Monday to Friday. 8.30 am – 5.00 pm.

Is CPA a stressful job?

Being a CPA is a great job but can also be a stressful one sometimes. Young CPAs, in particular, juggle multiple tasks at different stages of completion, often for multiple bosses. Busy season’s tight deadlines and revolving-door work flow heighten the pressure.

How can I still become a CPA?

Part 2 of 2: Passing the Exam Pass the CPA exam. Certified Public Accountant Expert Interview. Realize what is expected. The CPA course is quite complex to understand. Enroll in a CPA course at a reputed university or college. Consider taking physical or online courses. Many universities and colleges offer both physical and online course. Study while continuing your working career.

Do I really need a CPA?

If you have a simple tax situation, with just a W-2 and some bank and mortgage interest, you may not really need a CPA, and could use tax software to prepare your taxes as the most affordable option. You need a CPA when your life, and how you earn and save money, is more complicated than that.

What documents should I provide to my CPA?

You will need to furnish your accountant with basic personal information including your legal name, current address, and social security number. The easiest way to provide this information is to bring your social security card to your tax appointment.

Can I still become a CPA?

One year of experience in accounting if you don’t have an accounting degree: You can still become a CPA even if you didn’t major in accounting in school, but you’ll need one year of public accounting experience under a licensed CPA to qualify. Pass the AICPA Ethics Exam: You need a score of 90% on the exam to get your license.

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