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How do you use waylay in a sentence?

How do you use waylay in a sentence?

Examples of waylay in a Sentence Gangs sometimes waylay travelers on that road. We were waylaid by a group of kids with water balloons.

What is the past tense of waylay?

Waylay verb forms

Infinitive Present Participle Past Tense
waylay waylaying waylaid or (nonstandard) waylayed

How do you use vehement in a sentence?

Examples of vehement in a Sentence — Charles Dickens, Sketches by “Boz”, 1836 He issued a vehement denial of the accusation. The proposal has faced vehement opposition from many teachers. She was vehement about the need for new safety measures.

What the hold up is?

What does holdup mean? A holdup is a delay or something that causes a delay. It’s frequently used in the phrase What’s the holdup? —meaning “What’s the cause of the delay?” The phrase hold up can be used as a verb meaning to delay, to cause a delay, or to rob someone in a holdup.

Is waylaid one word or two?

1. attack, surprise, hold up, ambush, set upon, lie in wait for, catch The trucks are being waylaid by bandits. 2.

Where does the saying waylaid come from?

“to ambush,” 1510s, from way (n.) + lay (v.), on model of Middle Low German, Middle Dutch wegelagen “besetting of ways, lying in wait with evil or hostile intent along public ways.” Related: Waylaid; waylaying.

What is an example sentence for vehemently?

Vehemently sentence example. Still, it wasn’t the first time they had vehemently disagreed on something. While he now had the ability to chase his past, he refused vehemently to do so. Throughout all his troubles he had clung vehemently to life.

What is a sentence for profound?

Examples of profound in a Sentence — Kingsley Amis, Memoirs, 1991 His knowledge of history is profound. Her books offer profound insights into the true nature of courage. the profound mysteries of outer space a profound sense of loss His paintings have had a profound effect on her own work.

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