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What does it mean to productize a service?

What does it mean to productize a service?

“Productize” refers to the process of developing or altering a process, idea, skill, or service to make it marketable for sale to the public. Productization involves taking a skill or service that has been used internally and developing into a standard, fully-tested, packaged, and marketed product.

How do you Productize a product?

3 Simple Steps: How to Productise Your Service

  1. Identify What Your Offerings Are. Here is the time for critical analysis, not identifying what you’d ideally like to offer the customer.
  2. Productise Your Business Offering.
  3. Prove Your Offering.

What is a productized business model?

The productized services business model is an impressive way to turn freelancing work into an actual company, and thus an asset you can sell (or buy). A productized service takes a typical service, such as web design, and creates an off-the-shelf style solution.

How do you scale professional services?

Here are six key steps you should take to ensure your professional services business matures as your whole business scales.

  1. 1) Invest in Project Management.
  2. 2) Revamp Your Professional Services Offerings.
  3. 3) Get Serious about a Delivery Model.
  4. 4) Separate Roles from Titles and Levels.

How do I make a consulting package?

How to Package Consulting Services:

  1. Outline all of your consulting services.
  2. Evaluate your audience and the market.
  3. Determine the consulting service to package.
  4. Map out your process.
  5. Evaluate your costs and time.
  6. Determine pricing for your consulting package.
  7. Write your sales copy.
  8. Design your package landing page.

What is a productized business?

Why is it difficult for service firms to achieve scale in business model?

Services boil down to exchanging time for money, usually to one customer, or at most a handful of customers. To earn money, an architect needs to spend more time creating new design while a consultant needs to invest more hours serving new clients. This makes it very difficult for service businesses to scale.

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