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What is the rarest picture disc?

What is the rarest picture disc?

Prototype Picture Discs One of the rarest such examples is a ten inch record of the single, Xanadu,by Olivia Newton-John and the Electric Light Orchestra, intended to be created as a promotional item, but ultimately rejected by the record company.

Are picture discs more valuable?

Most picture discs were produced in reasonably large numbers, so are not hugely valuable even with the resurgence in collecting vinyl. However, certain limited editions, withdrawn vinyl, test pressings and uncut versions of shaped discs can command healthy premiums.

Are picture discs worse quality?

Picture discs divide opinion among vinyl circles. Universally, however, most agree that sonically they don’t sound quite as good as standard vinyl records. Some will go as far as to say they sound bad, but that can often be a little unfair.

What is a shaped picture disc?

Made for looks rather than actual listening, shaped picture discs combine the properties of custom shaped vinyl and picture discs. They are constructed like a sandwich, consisting of a vinyl core, a printed label, and two thin layers of clear plastic films, that make the images visible under the playable area.

Are picture discs meant to be played?

While picture discs aren’t necessarily bad, your normal vinyl records will usually play better. Yeah, eventually you’ll wear into the picture.

Is picture disc vinyl?

Picture Discs are made by sandwiching a vinyl “puck” with printed labels and then adding layers of plastic laminate to each side which the grooves are pressed into. Although audibly inferior to standard vinyl, they still sound ok but the true beauty of this product is in the visuals.

Can you clean a picture disc?

I would not immerse a pic disc in a bath, or a Spin Clean. The spindle hole and edge may not be water tight, so immersion may cause damage. A vacuum type of machine (VPI or NittyGritty) are safe on a pic disc.

Is a picture discs vinyl?

How do you clean vinyl pictures on a CD?

I use an isopropyl alcohol based cleaning solution on my records then rinse with a little bit of water and dry with a microfiber cloth.

Are there any Rolling Stones picture disc records?

The Rolling Stones “Some Boys” 7″ Picture Disc Very Rare! THE ROLLING STONES-LTD. EDITION INTERVIEW PIC. DISC 1987 BAKTABAK REC. LP EX VG+ The Rolling Stones. Brown Sugar, Bitch, Shaped Picture Disc Only 1 left! The Rolling Stones – Still Life, Factory Sealed, Picture Disc, UK Vinyl LP!

When did Motown release the first picture disc?

In 1967, Motown Records released a set of 16 different 7” 45 RPM cardboard picture discs through Topps, the company that was then best known for producing baseball cards. These picture discs had a photo of the artist on one side, which was the only side with a playing surface.

When was the first 78 rpm picture disc released?

One of the earliest commercially released picture discs was a 78 RPM record by country singer Jimmie Rodgers – Cowhand’s Last Ride/Blue Yodel No. 12, released in 1931 by RCA Records. The record is quite rare today, and sells for several thousand dollars when it turns up for sale.

Why are there picture discs on vinyl records?

Because of their substandard sound quality, most picture discs are produced as limited edition products, generally targeted at collectors, and are intended to supplement the supply of standard black vinyl records. Click any of the links below to jump to each category: Click here to view our selection of picture discs.

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