Is FedBizOpps going away?

Is FedBizOpps going away?

FedBizOpps currently is the federal government’s website ( for posting all procurement opportunities with a value of more than $25,000. By the end of next year, it will disappear. The new site currently allows users to conduct searches and provide feedback on the site’s functionality. …

What is FedBizOpps called now?

Contract Opportunities has been moved to and is now known as Contract Opportunities.

How does FedBizOpps work?

The purpose of FedBizOpps is to collect, maintain, and disseminate information on Federal procurement solicitations to the public. System information is used to administer and manage Federal buyer access, maintain interested vendor lists, and keep vendors informed of Federal solicitations of business interest.

How do I find FedBizOpps?

Searches on FedBizOpps can be conducted by keyword, product/service code, or by agency. When searching by keyword, try using a variety of words that describe your company’s line of work to do separate searches for all related words, as this will increase your chances of finding suitable opportunities for your business.

What is replacing FedBizOpps?

FedBizOpps—the central website for posting federal contracting opportunities—was shuttered over Veterans Day weekend, replaced by the Contracting Opportunities tab on

How can I get a government contract?

How to Find Government Contracts for Bid

  1. Navigate is your go-to government contracts website to search all open opportunities for contracts valued at $25,000 or more.
  2. Seek a subcontracting opportunity.
  3. Market directly to agencies.
  4. Work with a bid-matching service.

Is the website from war dogs real?

FedBizOpps, or FBO, for the uninitiated is the primary federal government website for searching contracting opportunities. War Dogs got FBO right. It does require a team of non-speaking roles to get through.

When did FedBizOpps go away?

The Federal Business Opportunities, or FedBizOpps, website will be shutting down before the end of 2019, as the comprehensive database of government contracting opportunities moves to a new location.

Is it hard to win government contracts?

And of that, $23 billion is allocated for small and disadvantaged businesses. And while that may seem like it is a lot of money and opportunity up for grabs, the process of winning government contracts is one that is challenging and requires a lot of knowledge and attention to detail.

How do I get my first government contract?

Before you can bid on federal contracts, you must complete your System for Award Management (SAM) Registration. Only businesses that have completed their registration can submit bids and receive federal contracts.

How to access federal solicitations on

Accessing solicitations on 1. Go to In the “Keyword / Solicitation #” box near the middle of the screen, enter the solicitation number (for example, R09PS10013). 2. The search will display a page titled “Opportunities”. The title of the solicitation will be displayed as a link.

Where can I find FedBizOpps bid opportunity notice?

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Where do I find the associated documents on FedBizOpps?

If you select “Associated Documents” in the blue box of links, you will see a new screen (image below) with a list of documents and amendments associated with the solicitation, if there are any. Click the link to view another screen that has a link to the amendment. 9. This screen comes up when you click the “solicitation amendment” link.

How can I add my company to my FedBizOpps list?

You can add your firm to the list via the “Add Me to Interested Vendors” link at bottom left hand corner of that page. You will be required to open a FedBizOpps account before you can add yourself to any lists.

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