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Where does the Mataura River start and end?

Where does the Mataura River start and end?

Toetoes Bay
Mataura River/Mouths

Where does the Mataura River start?

Lake Wakatipu
Mataura River/Sources
Mataura River, river, South Island, New Zealand. It rises in the Eyre Mountains south of Wakatipu Lake and flows south past Gore and Mataura to enter the Pacific Ocean at Foveaux Strait, 20 miles (32 km) east of Bluff, after a course of 149 mi (240 km).

What lives in the Mataura River?

The Mataura, popular with anglers, is internationally-renowned for its brown trout fishery. The WCO was passed in 1997 in recognition of “outstanding fisheries and angling amenity features”. Brown trout and the occasional salmon. The Mataura is the second largest river in the region.

How long is the Mataura River?

149 mi
Mataura River/Length
The Mataura River is in the Southland Region of the South Island of New Zealand. It is 240 kilometres (150 mi) long.

Who owns Mataura Valley Milk?

A2 Milk Company LLC
Mataura Valley Milk Limited/Parent organizations

Who owns the Mataura paper mill?

The facility was subsequently purchased by Dongwha in 2005. Renamed as the Patinna mill it specializes in thin and high density fibreboard products with 90% of its output exported. The mill was acquired by Japanese company Daiken in 2018.

Who owns A2 milk NZ?

The a2 Milk Company is the successor of A2 Corporation Limited, a New Zealand company founded in 2000 by Dr Corran McLachlan, who was researching health effects of A1 beta-casein, and Howard Paterson, who was one of New Zealand’s richest men, a significant dairy farmer, and a stakeholder in Fonterra, a dairy …

What is A2 milk NZ?

A2 milk is a variety of cows’ milk that mostly lacks a form of β-casein proteins called A1, and instead has mostly the A2 form. Cows’ milk like this was brought to market by The a2 Milk Company and is sold mostly in Australia, New Zealand, China, and the United States.

When did the Mataura paper mill close?

May 1980
Mataura Dairy Factory It was not until 1917 that the factory converted to electric power from the local distribution network. By the early 1970s the company was in financial trouble and closed in May 1980, when dairy processing in the area was concentrated at the Edendale Dairy Factory.

What is Ouvea premix used for?

The remainder is classified as Ouvea Premix, which after further processing has multiple uses. These uses include as the main component of mineral fertiliser, and industrial uses such as cement additive, asphalt additive, paint additive and others.

Why A2 Milk is bad?

When humans consume this breast milk made for baby cows, these “ingredients” can increase their risk of acne, diabetes, osteoporosis, bone fractures, heart disease, asthma, weight gain, chronic inflammation, and cancer.

Is A2 Milk owned by China?

Bellamy’s last year launched its own A2 organic milk product, Beta Genica-8 Step 3 toddler drink, and will likely be helped by its owner, China Mengniu Dairy, given its strong network. A2 Milk must increase marketing spend to compete against these larger companies.

When does the Mataura River discharge its water?

The Mataura River carries a median discharge of approximately 70 m3/s in its lower reaches. River flows exhibit significant seasonality with highest discharge typically occurring in spring and lowest flows during late summer.

How big is the Mataura River in New Zealand?

The river flows for over 200 kilometers, most of it fishable, and has an enormous variety of water, from jewel-like headwaters, where sight fishing is the rule, to deep blue-green pools, long translucent glades, immense backwater labyrinths and long glides and riffles which can hold large pods of fish.

Why was the Mataura catchment strategic water study started?

The Mataura Catchment Strategic Water Study was initiated by Environment Southland to identify potential options for future water resource management which could potentially provide for future water demand while enhancing the social, cultural and environmental values associated with the Mataura River.

Are there brown trout in the Mataura River?

In good years Deleatidium spinners and duns can pour across the surface like smoke, and wide runs which once seemed barren can come alive with large numbers of rising trout. Life is made for days like these. “the world’s greatest brown trout dry fly stream” in “Field and Stream” magazine.

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