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What is the exposition in history?

What is the exposition in history?

Exposition. Like you, all of the characters in a story have a history, details about their pasts that are important to understanding their personality and their present lives. It is important that readers know some of these details in order to understand a story. This is called the EXPOSITION.

What is the structure of an exposition?

An exposition consists of three parts: Introduction, Body and Conclusion. And the body may comprise one or several paragraphs. In this paper Introduction and Body may be the focus. Generally speaking, there’re two global structures: “Cause-Effect” structure and “Generalization” structure.

What is exposition in a story plot?

The exposition is the introduction to a story, including the primary characters’ names, setting, mood, and time. Conflict. The conflict is the primary problem that drives the plot of the story, often a main goal for the protagonist to achieve or overcome.

How does the story begin exposition?

The beginning of the story where the characters and setting are introduced is called the exposition. At some point when we are meeting the characters, we are introduced to a problem, or conflict that the main character has-and this will eventually create the rising action of the story.

What are the three structure of an exposition?

The three-act structure is a model used in narrative fiction that divides a story into three parts (acts), often called the Setup, the Confrontation, and the Resolution.

What are the 5 types of exposition?


  • SEQUENCE. (3)

What are the 4 types of exposition?

Here are some of the most popular types of exposition.

  • Dialogue. A conversation between two or more characters allows for simple and effective exposition in a single scene.
  • Narration.
  • Mise-en-scène.
  • Text or title cards.
  • Flashback.

What was the main attraction of the Universal Exposition of 1889?

The Universal Exposition of 1889 (Exposition Universelle de 1889) was a celebration of international achievements in architecture, fine arts, and the latest technology with the newly built Eiffel Tower as its central attraction.

Who was the architect of the World Expo?

A less well-known yet equally significant structure built for the exhibition was the Galerie des Machines designed by architect Ferdinand Dutert and engineer Victor Contamin. The Machinery Hall spanned 111 meters and was the longest interior space in the world at the time making use of a system of hinged arches constructed of iron.

Which is the best example of an exposition text?

Exposition texts generally begin with an introductory statement of position giving the author’s opinion or point of view.This previews the argument that will follow.The next section has a series of logical arguments that convince the audience why this position has been taken.

What was the theme of the Expo 67 in Montreal?

Expo 67 in Montreal was the main feature of Canada’s Centennial celebrations of 1967. Entitled “Man and His World,” the theme for the expo showcased man’s cultural and technological advancements and encouraged participation from countries around the world.

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