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Can 2 Hindus have a Christian wedding?

Can 2 Hindus have a Christian wedding?

Marriage between a Hindu woman and a Christian man is not legally valid if either of them does not convert, the Madras High Court on Thursday held. In the alternative, their marriage should have been registered under the Special Marriage Act, 1954, if they preferred to follow their religions without conversion.

Can Christians have Indian weddings?

Yes, Christian wedding in India does have Mehendi ceremony. Christian brides and bride get a beautiful mehndi art done on their hands before the wedding. The mehendi ceremony is followed by Haldaat ceremony, during which turmeric and sandalwood paste is applied on both, the bride and groom.

What should a Christian wear to an Indian wedding?

Wedding attire Groom: A Christian groom usually dons a dark or white formal suit with a white shirt. Brides at North India and Meghalaya flaunt stunning wedding gowns at church weddings. In Mizoram, some Christian brides choose to wear their beautiful traditional dress, Puanchei.

How can a Hindu register a Christian marriage?

Contact your local Marriage Registrar who will inform you the requirements in details. You shall have to first submit your application with ID proof and proof of address. A notice will be sent to both of your given addresses and 30 days after the date of notice your marriage will be registered, 3.

Can Christians Haldi?

Roka ceremony It’s a Christian version of Haldi-like ritual followed by the Hindus. This ceremony which is also known as Haldaat, is followed by North Indian Christian folks. In south India, this ceremony is performed by anointing the bride and the groom with coconut oil and juice.

Do Indian Christians wear Mangalsutra?

The service for an Christian wedding in India is just like a Western service with one major exception: Instead of a ring, the groom places a Thali or Mangalsutra around the neck of the bride. For a Christian Indian woman, wearing a Thali is a sign that she is married.

Do Christians do Haldi ceremony?

An Indian Christian wedding often has the haldi and mehendi ceremony. Both bride and groom at their respective houses are applied haldi amidst dance and music. This ceremony is also accompanied by music and dance.

Can Hindu couple marry in church?

An ordained minister of any church in India, a clergyman of the Church of Scotland, a marriage registrar or a special licensee may get an aspiring couple married under the act….

The Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872
Enacted by Imperial Legislative Council
Assented to 18 July 1872
Commenced 18 July 1872
Status: In force

What does it take for a Hindu Christian marriage?

A Beautiful Hindu Christian Marriage: What Does It Take? When we think of a Hindu Christian marriage, one of the first things that comes to mind is the beautiful wedding that was the Asin-Rahul Sharma union.

How did Hindu couple bring their faiths together?

We had a dear family friend of the groom’s father, Uncle Madhu, lead us through the rituals of a Hindu marriage ceremony as we paid respect to our families, exchanged a mangalya (wedding necklace) and performed the sapthapadi (seven steps around the fire).

Why did I have a Hindu priest at my wedding?

“Since Seema is Hindu and I am Christian, it took a lot of time, discussion and planning to figure out the right way to honor both of our faiths. For the wedding we chose to have a Pandit (a Hindu priest) to honor the traditions and ceremony of the Hindu culture…

How are 9 couples brought their faiths together?

For the wedding we chose to have a Pandit (a Hindu priest) to honor the traditions and ceremony of the Hindu culture… To honor the Christian faith we chose to get married in front of our family and loved ones, exchange vows and rings…

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