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How can the characters of bluntschli and Sergius be compared?

How can the characters of bluntschli and Sergius be compared?

Bluntschli is the very foil to Sergius by his practical wisdom and to earth notions. Bluntschli represents the practical Fabian whereas Sergius embodies the sentimental romanticism of the bourgeois ‘ revolutionary ‘ Bluntschli all though preaching anti – romantic views romantically succumbs to the fascination of Raina.

What is political science according to bluntschli?

• Bluntschli: Political Science is the “Science of the State.” • Garner: “Political Science begins and ends with the State.” • Gettel: “Political Science is a historical investigation of what the state has been, an analytical study of what the state is and a politico-ethical discussion of what the state should be.”

What is chocolate cream soldier?

The “chocolate cream soldier” is the driving force of the plot. Bluntschli is a rationalist, meaning a man who believes in reacting to situations based on the facts, not on what is good versus what is bad.

What are Raina’s romantic notion of war?

Raina’s ideas about soldier and the war Raina was having the idea about war as like her father and Sergius before she did meet with Bluntschli. She thought that soldier is a man who can combat fearlessly with the enemy for saving his own country. She also got this oversimplifies idea from the books she used to read.

What is Raina nickname for bluntschli?

chocolate soldier
In fact, Raina nicknames Bluntschli her ”chocolate soldier” because he carries chocolate in his bullet bag, which is, of course, Shaw’s entree to a discussion about the fruits of war.

Is bluntschli the hero of the play?

He is the central character of the play and he keeps the plot moving. “He is a masterpiece of comic characterization and the source of fun and humor in the play.” He is the mouthpiece of shaw as well as a typical Shavian hero. Bluntschli is a professional soldier who fights not for patriotism but for money.

What nationality bluntschli is?

Bluntschli is a Swedish professional soldier who fights with the Servians during the war. He has none of Raina or Sergius’s romantic notions about war.

Why Bluntschli is called the chocolate cream soldier?

The “chocolate cream soldier” is a reference to the character of Captain Bluntschli in George Bernard Shaw’s play Arms and the Man. The play is set during the Serbo-Bulgarian War of 1885. In fact, his ammunition bags contain chocolates, not bullets. This admission prompts Raina to coin this nickname.

Who realizes Raina is hiding an enemy soldier?

Catherine realizes that he is the man that hid in Raina’s room, the same man that she and Raina helped escape. Catherine worries that Sergius and Petkoff, who are conferring over military plans in the library, might encounter the soldier.

Why do Sergius and Raina Find Higher love tiring?

You little know how unworthy even the best man is of a girl’s pure passion! So, from the above exchange, we can see that Raina and Sergius are romantic idealists who are together only because they share the same misguided notions about valor and war. Thus, the “higher love” they share is an illusion.

Why does bluntschli compare Don Quixote?

Cervantes’s point, at least on one level, is that such deluded, romantic foolishness only creates trouble, and Bluntschli uses this to illustrate his point about Sergius, knowing that Don Quixote was a common reference point, a widely read story a woman like Raina would surely be familiar with.

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Who is Captain Bluntschli in arms and the man?

However, he is touched by the fact that she takes care of him when he climbs up her balcony, and eventually admits that he is also somewhat of a romantic, and declares his affection for Raina at the end of the play. The Arms and the Man quotes below are all either spoken by Captain Bluntschli or refer to Captain Bluntschli.

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