What is the running style of Raramuri runners?

What is the running style of Rarámuri runners?

The Tarahumara in the study ran at a range of easy paces, with many clustering around 7:30 per mile. The two groups did not differ in height, leg length, or body mass. The CS runners were nearly eight years younger than the MS runners.

Why do the Rarámuri run so much?

If the Tarahumara don’t have any special advantages, why are so many of them able to perform such prodigious feats? Their ability, the authors suggest, “derives from hard work, physically active lifestyles, determination, and the spiritual and social values they place on endurance running.”

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Why did the Raramuri people run long distances?

With widely dispersed settlements, these people developed a tradition of long-distance running up to 200 miles (320 km) in one session, over a period of two days through their homeland of rough canyon country, for inter-village communication, transportation, and hunting.

How did the Tarahumaras get the name Raramuri?

The Jesuits reestablished the missions in the early 20th century. The Tarahumara word for themselves, Rarámuri, means “runners on foot” or “those who run fast” in their native tongue according to some early ethnographers like Norwegian Carl Lumholtz, though this interpretation has not been fully agreed upon.

What kind of language is the Raramuri language?

The Rarámuri language belongs to the Uto-Aztecan family. Although it is in decline under pressure from Spanish, it is still widely spoken. In the Rarámuri language, the endonymic term rarámuri refers specifically to the men; women are referred to as mukí (individually), and as omugí or igómale (collectively).

Where did the Raramuri tribe live in Chihuahua?

Originally inhabitants of much of Chihuahua, the Rarámuri retreated to the high sierras and canyons such as the Copper Canyon in the Sierra Madre Occidental on the arrival of Spanish invaders in the 16th century. The area of the Sierra Madre Occidental which they now inhabit is often called the Sierra Tarahumara because of their presence.

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