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How do I print my homework from Go Math?

How do I print my homework from Go Math?

Once in the Personal Math Trainer, click on the Textbook link on the right hand side. Once clicking, you can print the pages just for the lesson you are working on.

How do you assign a lesson in Go Math?

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How do I add an assignment to think Central?

Click Assignments on the Home page, and then click Make Custom Assignment , which is at the bottom of the View Assignments screen.On the Make Custom Assignment screen, click Add Resources.On the Resource Type dropdown list, select either Text Only or URL.

How do I print Think Central?

In pop-up window, click red round button at bottom center of screen. Click Personal Math Trainer logo. Click Textbook icon. The lesson pages from the book will pop-up as a pdf file.

Is journeys a basal program?

The basal reader, Journeys, is a intervention program through this publisher that also aligns with the Common Core. This particular program is meant for grades kindergarten to sixth grade. The strengths of the Journeys series are: Aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards as parallel texts.

Is Go Math aligned to Common Core?

Academy content aligned with the goals of the Common Core State Standards? Yes, Go Math! Academy is based on Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s GO Math! curriculum, which is aligned with the goals of the Common Core State Standards.

What is the point of common core math?

What is Common Core math? The Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice were designed to reform the American education system, with three main goals: Provide graduating high school students with the skills they need to be successful either in the workforce or in post-secondary education.

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