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Is there an acronym love?

Is there an acronym love?

“My Lord,” cried the queen, “you forget that I have never said that I love you.”…LOVE.

Acronym Definition
LOVE Loss of Valuable Education
LOVE Listen, Overlook, Value, Encourage
LOVE League of Villainous Entities
LOVE Lots of Valuable Energy

What is the text abbreviation for lots of love?

LOL. (redirected from Lots Of Love)

What are the acronyms in computer?

Computer and Internet Acronyms

Term Meaning Tech Factor
APM Actions Per Minute 8
APU Accelerated Processing Unit 8
ARP Address Resolution Protocol 8
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange 7

What is Rob acronym?

At a team meeting, I was introduced to yet another acronym: ROB. It was never actually stated in the meeting, presumably because the underlying assumption from the speaker was that everybody already was familiar with the term,¹ but the letters ROB stand for Rhythm of business. (Sometimes spelled RoB.)

What does V mean in love?

For example: L= lust, O= obsession, V= vain, E= electricity.

Can LOL mean lots of love?

(laugh) out loud
The definition of lol is an acronym used on the Internet for “lots of love.” (Internet, Internet slang, text messaging) Laughing (laugh) out loud.

What does Sata stand for?

serial advanced technology attachment
SATA, in full serial advanced technology attachment, also called serial ATA, an interface for transferring data between a computer’s central circuit board and storage devices. SATA was designed to replace the long-standing PATA (parallel ATA) interface.

What does Rob stand for in text?


Acronym Definition
ROB Right on Brother
ROB Review of Business
ROB Road Over Bridge
ROB Reigns of Battlefield (video game)

What does ROC stand for?

Russian Olympic Committee
What does ROC stand for at the Olympics? ROC stands for Russian Olympic Committee. 335 athletes will be competing at Tokyo 2020 for the Russian Olympic Committee, who will compete under the Olympic flag rather than representing Russia as a country.

Which is the best list of computer abbreviations?

Computer Abbreviation is one of the most frequently asked topics in the Computer Awareness section for various Government exams. Aspirants preparing for the upcoming competitive exam must go through the important computer abbreviations list given below.

What does love stand for in real life?

What does LOVE stand for? Rank Abbr. Meaning LOVE Level of Violence LOVE Laws of Vibrational Energy LOVE Living Our Values Everyday LOVE Let Our Voices Emerge (charity)

Where can I find list of acronyms?

Some of the acronyms are also used as a print on t-shirts, on signs or in regular writing. It’s sometimes even used in official documents, financial documents and other docs. Have a look and try to use them in a chat, WhatsApp, twitter or writing. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z more…

What is the meaning of the word love?

Loss of Valuable Education. LOVE. Listen, Overlook, Value, Encourage. LOVE. League of Villainous Entities. LOVE. Lots of Valuable Energy. LOVE. Lunar Observations Verifier Editor.

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